Expats’ guide to New Jersey cities

Europe is a great place to live in as there are plenty of different options. There are so many countries, types of cities, mountains, plains, lakeside towns, and so many more places where living is amazing. But a lot of people from Europe want to experience the “American dream” that we all know about. For a lot of Europeans, moving to the States is the best thing you can do. Hence why there are so many people from all over Europe moving to the United States. And one of the most popular moving destinations is surely the state of New Jersey. New Jersey is a state with plenty of great cities where moving is a good idea, no matter whether moving from another US state or another country. This is why we have decided to write this short guide to New jersey cities that we believe you should consider moving to. Here is also where you will find some useful long-distance moving tips.

Morris County

Even though New Jersey is not such a big state, there are plenty of cities here. To make writing about them easier, we will write about cities in county categories. And surely the first county to mention is Morris County. This is one of the best counties in the state to live in. It is located just 30 miles west of New York City. There are plenty of cities here to consider moving to. But we are going to tell you about just a couple of them. You can always move within the state of New Jersey from one city to another.

Morris County.
Consider moving to Morris County, you can relocate any time if you end up not liking living here.


The first city you should know about is Morristown. It is a medium-size city with plenty of things to see and do. Morristown is an old town, there are plenty of historical landmarks here. One of them is the National Historical Park that has important Revolutionary War sites. For those who love history, this is the perfect place to move to.

Housing here is great as well. There are a lot of old houses here which is exactly why so many people are moving here. And if you are thinking about doing the same, this area has great service when it comes to moving. The entirety of Morris County does. This means that if you move to Morristown and you end up not liking living here, which we doubt will happen, you can always do more research and move to another city you feel like is a better option.

Morristown park.
There are plenty of parks where you can go to with your children but also a lot of other places to explore after moving.

Florham Park

This is another medium-size town in Morris county. It is more of a borough rather than a town. It is the perfect place to move to with children. There are plenty of amazing schools here. The housing is good as well. There are both new and older houses to choose from. You can rent and buy a home here, depending on how much money you have and what type of US visa you have.

Here is where you will have plenty of things to do. There are many parks in Florham Park but there are museums, bars, cafes, malls, and plenty of other things you might need in your surroundings. You can relocate with vanexpressnj.com to any Morris County city.

Bergen County

Morris County is great but a lot of people believe that Bergen County is a much better place to move to. We believe that both options are considerable as both counties have plenty of amazing places to call home. This is a county located even closer to New York which is just what a lot of European ex-pats are searching for. Here is where you will find plenty of New Jersey cities to move to and we are here to tell you about some of them we think are the best options.

New Jersey cities.
Bergen County has plenty of options as well.


This is a town that serves as the county seat. It is located along the side of Hackensack River. There is an airport located nearby which makes both moving and traveling to other places so much easier. There are plenty of young people living in the city as there is a private university here. When it comes to schools if you are moving with children, here is where you will find plenty of great private schools. There are plenty of places you can spend time with your children here as well hence why so many families are moving here.

There are a couple of museums here where you can see plenty of different exhibitions. You will also have an amazing hospital nearby in case you need it but we hope you won’t. There are gyms here but you can also work out outside. Plenty of people in Hackensack do it as there are running trails trough out the city and in the parks. You will meet new people this way which will make adjusting to the city much easier. This is why Hackensack is one of the top NJ cities Europeans are moving to.

More New Jersey towns to consider

Now that you know about some of the cities in new Jersey where moving to is a good idea, you can continue doing more research. If none of the cities we mentioned float you boat, you can consider moving to these other NJ cities from Europe:

  • Ramsey
  • Ridgewood
  • Wayne
  • Paterson
  • Edison.

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