Ex-pat life in San Antonio: things to do and see first

Life in San Antonio can be very exciting no matter if you are born here or just arrived (or anything between). But since many people are moving here, we wanted to help you get started and show you some things and places you need to see. This will be a quick but fun guide to ex-pat life in San Antonio.

The roots and the attractions

This is one of the cities ex-pats love! Hispanic culture and the remnants of Spanish colonial architecture have given San Antonio its well-deserved reputation. You will find plenty of Hispanic cultures and amazing Hispanic food here. So, get ready. Additionally, the Riverwalk, SeaWorld, and the Alamo are well-known attractions here.

two girls having fun in their new ex-pat life in San Antonio
Hispanic roots make this place very interesting.

The Alamo

Probably the single most recognizable feature in San Antonio, this structure is a must-see for any visitor. Although the Alamo is one of the Spanish Missions, its fame stems from its role in the Texas Revolution. Many films, notably John Wayne’s epic starring Davy Crockett from 1960, were based on this battle. Fewer people know that before all the Alamo was planned as a church. Although the original chapel is still standing, the Alamo was not utilized as a place of worship for very long before it was turned into a military fortification. The Alamo is now a popular tourist attraction with displays detailing its history. It’s also a great place for digital nomads.

The museums are very impressive in San Antonio

If you are moving to San Antonio soon, first handle the poaching and settling in and then you can start exploring museums. If you let pros handle heavy pieces – the whole process will be much easier. The Museum of Art and the famous McNay Art Museum are just two of many excellent art galleries in the city. Featuring works by some of the most celebrated artists in the world, the McNay Art Museum became the first museum in the state to focus exclusively on contemporary art. San Antonio’s museums cover more than just the arts. The Witte Museum focuses on Texas history.

The Children’s Museum was recently refurbished. Both museums are fantastic options for a day out with the kids. They are also regularly ranked among the top attractions in their respective cities by both tourists and residents. This is a good place to start your research on ex-pat life in San Antonio but before that, you should call evolutionmoving.com to help you to settle in.

A woman at a museum
Your new life in San Antonio can start nicely.

Something you should know

If you have kids, you should know that San Antonio has amazing universities! They also host some amazing happenings but that is something you will find out on your own quickly. The late President Dwight Eisenhower, when stationed at nearby Fort Mary’s, coached the football team at St. Mary’s University. That makes him the only sitting president to hold such a position. The university’s academic reputation has grown over the years to eclipse its athletic one.

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