Everything you should get rid of before moving

We’re only humans. And it’s in our genes to hoard things that we ”might need someday”. Put it in the basement. Or the attic. Or in your outdoor shed or storage unit if you have one. Who knows? Maybe you’ll need that broken TV someday. Joke aside, though moving can be extremely stressful, it is a great opportunity to finally declutter your home. Now, how to choose what to throw away and what to keep? Though it may not sound so important, decluttering has its advantages. But we’ll talk about them later. Now, here is our suggestion on everything you should get rid of before moving.

Why is decluttering important?

”It’s not a big deal”. ”I’ll do it in no time”. Nope. It is a big deal and you need to put in some time to get it done. Not only will it make your unpacking in your new home less stressful (unlike if you just shove everything around the house in boxes), but it has some more advantages. Here are some of them:

  • it will decrease your transportation costs
  • less money will be spent on packing supplies
  • you’ll spend less time packing, and
  • you’ll have extra space in your new home

As you can see, decluttering even impacts your budget. You just need to organize yourself. If there are so many perks, why delaying it?

Ceramic mismatched teacups as a part of everything you should get rid of before moving
Get rid of mismatched cups

Everything you should get rid of before moving

How to avoid keeping stuff, but also resist the purge of tossing everything away? But, keep in mind that you don’t have to throw away everything you don’t like or don’t use anymore – make a garage sale. That will save you up some extra money. Or you can even donate it. It’s up to you. Now, let’s see where we’re at:

Old clothes

Maybe it’s time to finally get rid of that prom dress, or that jacket you bought in 2005 and haven’t worn it since. We all have that ”maybe someday” clothes in the back of our closet, that probably won’t see that someday. So why not donate it to someone who needs it, and save yourself a few bucks during the move. After all, what’s the point of spending money moving old clothes that you’ll never wear?

Cups and mugs

Remember how, especially when you were little, you would bring home mugs from any place you’ve been to? So you have a cabinet full of faded mismatched cups and mugs, that you’re too emotional about? Well, maybe it’s time to let them go. Why not start fresh in your new place, with a new set of dishware and matching cups? Once again, it will mean a lot fewer boxes to carry on a moving day.

Expired medicines and cosmetic products

This should be the first thing on our ”everything you should get rid of before moving” list. Medicines are no joke, so make sure to check the expiration date on each one. This will not only save you space, but it can save your health! Also, check your cabinet for any expired cosmetic products, especially in the back of it. You know, where you keep that dried mascara, that five-year-old hand lotion, and the bottle of your favorite perfume, with two drops in it. Trash anything you no longer use or that has expired.

Assorted make up products
Throw away all of the old cosmetics

Leftover food and drinks

Empty your fridge before you go! Anything that’s not canned and can’t go with you, must go away. Especially if you’re moving somewhere further. Our suggestion is to throw a moving out party and use all the food from your fridge, and all the drinks you have. You might have a light hangover tomorrow, but you’ll have fewer things to carry on your move.

Start decluttering!

Now that you went through everything you should get rid of before moving the list, you’re more than ready to start decluttering. You can even hire professionals to help you when you’re done. Maybe open a bottle of wine. It’s for the greater good, remember?

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