Europeans moving to America – how to pick the right place to call home?

Europe and America are two totally different. There are a lot of differences in tradition, food, relationships, etc. If a European wants to move to America, he/she will have some adjusting to do. But, adjusting is the easiest part. Finding a place to start your new life chapter in America can be even harder. The state is enormous. It has many cities, many states. They are all different. How to pick the right place to call home? Here you will find the states that are perfect for Europeans moving to America for the first time and all you need to know about them.

Florida – one of the perfect states for Europeans moving to America

Florida is a well known American state. It appears in many movies and it has many popular cities that are adored by tourists. These include cities like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Boca Raton, etc. Florida is full of wonderful beaches and that’s why it attracts so many people from all over the world. The best part about it is that it isn’t very expensive. Plus, the nightlife is crazy, especially in Miami. The weather is always sunny and hot. However, bear in mind that hurricanes are common in the state of Florida, especially by the coast. Also, in Florida, you can see many insects because the weather is so hot.

a beach in Florida, the state Europeans moving to America frequently choose
Florida is famous for its beautiful beaches.

A great advantage is that the prices of homes and rent are very low here. In fact, you can rent a luxury apartment in Miami for $2000 per month. It’s nothing compared to other states. On the other hand, you have to know that salaries in Florida aren’t the best ones. Florida also has no income tax, which is why many people move there even from other American states. If planning on relocating out of Sterling, VA to Florida sounds ridiculous, it isn’t. It’s very common among Americans to move from one state to another.

North Carolina – Europeans moving to America can choose this state as well

North Carolina is another state on the Atlantic Ocean. The biggest cities in NC are Raleigh, Charlotte, Fayetteville, and Jacksonville. All these cities are wonderful. Moreover, all of them are suitable for European people who dream of moving abroad to America. North Carolina has a wonderful climate with warm and sunny summers and mild winters. Actually, it’s very similar to the European climate. However, tornadoes sometimes happen in North Carolina. Usually, their number does not exceed 20 per year and, most often,  hurricanes or tropical storms along the coastal plain cause them. Tornadoes from thunderstorms are a risk, especially in the eastern part of the state.

The education is very good. Even though housing isn’t the cheapest, you can save up as the salaries are good. The job market is well-developed and it is really easy to find a decent job. Many Europeans who moved to NC say that they don’t regret it at all as it’s so beautiful. NC has a lot of breathtaking nature and it’s the best state to live in if you love outdoor activities. Beautiful beaches and green mountains are worth visiting.

North Carolina mountains
Europeans love North Carolina because of its nature and weather.

California – a common choice of Europeans moving to America

California – the most popular place on Earth is home to all movie stars, pop stars and others that are worldwide famous. Because of the numerous cities well-known to everyone, California is also highly popular with tourists as well. However, a lot of people who move from small towns to big cities in California say that it isn’t as good as it seems. It’s too hot and too crowded. Furthermore, although the cost of living is high, it is still more affordable than that of some  European cities. Thus, we can say that  California makes a perfect home for Europeans moving to America.

California has a major issue with wildfires, so bear that in mind if you are choosing your home location in this state. Despite these issues, it is difficult to resist the many beautiful beaches and mountains that are perfect for hiking at the weekends.

The cost of living in California is very high, but the salaries are decent. Besides, the job opportunities are ample, so it isn’t difficult to earn your living.

a sunset at Malibu beach
California is one of the most popular states in the US and it attracts a lot of people.

New York

Another very famous destination for both tourists and Europeans moving to America is New York. Living in the state of New York means experiencing the most beautiful autumns you can imagine. The state is beautiful all year round but if you get the chance to see it when the leaves are falling, you might start thinking about calling and scheduling your move right away.

Europeans moving to America love this state even though it is really expensive. This is especially true for NYC, but it is definitely worth it. Living in this state provides you with so many options.

There aren’t many good job positions available at all times but, if you check regularly, you will find what you are looking for. It is a very multicultural state, so if you speak any other language besides English, you will find a job in no time.

Niagara falls
The state of New York is the home to the Niagara Falls.


Maryland is one of the smallest American states but it is very beautiful. Its nickname is “Little America” because you can see everything that symbolizes America in such a small state. There are numerous lakes, mountains, beaches, forests. Everything is so beautiful. Unfortunately, this small state is considerably expensive. The good news is it does not take much time to find a decent job here and the salaries are very good. Maryland is one of the states that have a lot of millionaires. This state is also adored by the Europeans moving to America and they say that moving to Maryland is the most stress-free relocation they have experienced so far as there is no huge traffic anywhere.


These are just a few very popular American states that Europeans moving to America say are the best to start a life here. Generally, America has a lot of wonderful states so make sure you do proper research before making your final decision. Good luck!

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