European student’s guide to Austin, TX

Nowadays, when everything is uncertain, it is good to have something that is constant and always valuable. The only thing that has never lost their value, no matter how society has changed, is knowledge and the level of education. It is sometimes worth going halfway around the world for quality education. Sometimes, despite all the will and desire to succeed in this place, adjustment is not easy. European student’s guide to Austin is something that might help you on this road. With the knowledge of what awaits you in a new country, your adjustment will be much easier.

A trip to another continent

Austin is the capital city of the state of Texas, best known as the city of electric music, grand student campuses, and new home to the high-tech industry. It is located at the foot of Balcones Escarpment, and on the Colorado River with several artificial lakes that look perfect, this city is the perfect place for young people who have yet to explore the world. Moving from Europe to the USA for a young and still inexperienced person will probably be one of the most challenging experiences in life. No matter how well they are prepared for this change, it is going to be rough. European students’ guide to Austin will help them to navigate the chaos. When coming from Europe to Texas, there are some differences that must be known and understood:

  • Obey the law
  • Infrastructure is different
  • Cultural diversity will be all around
  • Cost of living is something you will have to get used to
  • The quality of your studies will be your motivation

Don’t forget to organize your move the best you can. This is a serious long-distance and overseas move. You are going to need help from if you want to do it right. Of course, there are some things that you can do by yourself but, for example, transport is not one of them. Rely on professionals and enjoy this change.

Austin capitol buiding
This city has everything you might need

Here you will face different laws and customs

United States of America laws are not extremely different from laws in Europe states, but yet again they differ in some cases. The state of Texas has some specific laws, and it would be wise to read them and obey them. These are very specific laws you should pay attention to when getting to Texas. Getting to know this, as well as the customs specific to this part of the world, will help you adapt more easily to life here.

Pay attention to the little things

One of the striking differences for all students coming from Europe to the US is the voltage in the power grid. Bring your adapter for electronics. U.S. wall plug is different than the ones you have in Europe. Homes are made from wood and not bricks and concrete. That is something different around here. This is a cheaper and a lot faster way to build a house. Do not drink tap water. You will experience numerous benefits, which are not so common in Europe. If you are wondering should you need more space, you should. Don’t be afraid to take everything you want with you, because if you don’t have room in your new apartment or room, renting a storage room for students is a great option.

Person is biting a pen
European student’s guide to Austin will help you to plan your move

A place where the whole world gathers

Universities are the places where people from all around the globe are gathering. Each and every single one of them brings with it a piece of the world, culture, and customs. Many customs may seem strange to Europeans at first, but a European student’s guide to Austin should prepare you for that. This way you will easily get used to them. Depending on what European country you are coming to Austin, Texas, you may get used to customs faster or slower. In any case, studying is not only the acquisition of knowledge in a certain professional field but also an opportunity to strengthen and educate yourself in other fields as well.

European student’s guide to Austin will warn you about money

Austin, Texas, is one of the best places for foreign students to get to study. This place is ranked among the best places for foreign students for many reasons, and one of them is the cost of living. Texas is the country with the lowest cost of living. Falling even below the national average in all costs except utilities. This is great information, due to the fact many students tend to live on campus, so even utilities are lower. The only downside is the cost to study if you do not have a scholarship. In any case, try to spend money wisely and plan your budget. This will be a useful skill for you in your future life as well.

Pick up the knowledge you came for

Every European student’s guide to Austin will tell you that this place has some of the best universities, not just in Texas, but in the entire United States of America. Besides the University of Texas at Austin, which stand as a flagship institution, there are numerous other like St. Edward’s University, Austin Community College, Concordia University, the Seminary of the Southwest, Huston–Tillotson University, Texas Health and Science University, Virginia College’s Austin Campus and many others. Almost half of the city is served by Austin’s independent school district. Austin student campus is one of the best campuses around the globe.

Student things scattered on the floor
Pack your life

Before you get ready for the trip across the ocean, try to prepare well. With a little planning and with a little help from a European student’s guide to Austin, this step will be one of the best made in your life. Go there with an open mind and heart and be ready to change and understand.

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