European neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn

Over the years, Brooklyn has become a synonym for everything cool. This New York City’s borough is unique, diverse, it has an amazing culture and music scene, and it is heaven for foodies. No wonder why so many people love calling Brooklyn home. However, believe it or not, there are many mini ‘Brooklyns’ around Europe too! You can find several European cities and neighborhoods that are famous for food, culture, nightlife, and shopping just like those in Brooklyn. So, if interested in European neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn, and why people move to Europe, keep on reading.

El Born in Barcelona, Spain, is one of the European neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn

If you want something modern and New York-like, you can easily move to your new Manhattan address. But, if you want something culturally similar to your beloved Brooklyn, check out El Born. El Born is a neighborhood in Barcelona. And it is one of those European neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn, culturally. Here, you will still see those medieval streets paired with modern restaurants and cafes. You can try their famous gin and tonic which many people say is Brooklyn inspired. And, if you want to pair it with something Spanish, try their tapas with it. 

A street in one of the European neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn.
El Born is rich in history, culture, cuisine, and diversity which makes it a European neighborhood similar to Brooklyn.

The Hipster Triangle in Dublin, Ireland

Yes, many people from Brooklyn shy away from the ‘hipster label’, but, there is no denying that these two neighborhoods are similar. At least, people share similar beliefs and mindsets. Just like in Brooklyn, there is something for everybody’s taste. You can enjoy both second-hand stores and designer stores, coffee shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, etc. This neighborhood in Ireland is not crowded with tourists, so, now is a good time to move. Luckily, Brooklyn has amazing moving experts, so if you want to be a part one of those European neighborhoods that have the same feel as your beloved Brooklyn, give them a call. 

The 2nd Arrondissement in Lyon, France is said to be one of the Europen neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn

Lyon is France’s second-largest city, and its neighborhood The 2nd Arrondissement is often said to be one of the European neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn. If back in the States, you enjoyed dining, shopping and the combination of modern and old, you will love it here. Moreover, if you feel nostalgic, you can easily head to some of the Brooklyn bars located in the center of the neighborhood. And, if you plan on retiring, Lyon is definitely one of the best places in Europe to retire too.

Lyon, a neighborhood in France.
Lyon, France has a similar architecture to the one you see in Brooklyn.

Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden actually has many neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn. Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital is the one that resembles it the most. It has many galleries, museums, restaurants, clubs and pretty much everything you would find in Brooklyn too. The architecture is different, but the feeling of having that close-knit community is quite the same. Also, here in Södermalm, you can see the combination of the old and new in pretty much any aspect. And, if you were looking for a great education, and planned on moving to Europe for education, Stockholm will not disappoint you.

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