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The main reason to write Europe moving tips article is that European lifestyle makes many people consider moving to Europe. There is nothing weird about that, having in mind the beauty of everything in the European continent. The Old continent didn’t get that name for no reason. Everything you run into in Europe is old. But old in a good way. Moving throughout Europe is like travelling using time machine. Moving to Europe would be moving to an outside museum of all arts. You may see the beautiful architecture of all periods in world’s art.

Europe moving tips- do the research when moving to Europe
European expats must do the research prior toEurope moving day

You may visit the most various galleries you could imagine. The film art was invented in Europe.  Music diversity is something that doesn’t need to be explained. Just check the nationality of all top composers in history and you will understand that Europe is a place for you. We have dozens of recommendations on where you should move in Europe. But we won’t make them. We will leave you to decide. You may check out some of our articles on that subject (top cities where you may find the job part I and part II, cheapest cities to move to, and still cheap cities to move to ) to help you decide. What we are going to do here is to give you Europe moving tips. You will learn what is important to take care of in general when moving to the Old Continent.

Tips for expatriates intending to relocate to Europe

  • Be aware that Europe is not a country, but a continent. Pick a country that suits you the most
  • Learn a language spoken in country you are about to relocate to
  • Check on the licences needed to work, drive and live in Europe
  • Check on the health care system for your new home country
  • Mind the housing problem prior to the start of your relocation to Europe
  • Hire a good and reliable moving company in Europe
Europe moving tips- EU is one part of Europe
Europe immigrants must know that EU is just one part of Europe

Moving to Europe is moving to a continent consisted of different countries

The European Union is a union of countries in European continents. It is some kind of a ‘superstate’, but with huge differences regarding many matters. Especially when it comes to national identity. It is very developed in this part of the world. Don’t think only Americans have patriotic feelings. After all, it was Europeans who first settled the USA. Therefore, be very aware of that, and have in mind that moving to different countries in Europe means an almost completely different type of life. So, there is no European lifestyle as such, but there is a European way of life. Differently implemented in different European countries.

For an expat relocating to Europe, speaking home language is a must for most of the European countries

We already mentioned how strong national identity is in most of the European countries. Based on that, what do you think, do Europeans favour their home languages to English or some other language you speak? If you want to enjoy what Europe offers by relocating there, don’t be lazy, learn languages, and you’ll be more than accepted there!

European countries might require different kinds of certificates for newcomers to be able to work legally

When you consider moving to Europe, be aware that it is mostly not too cheap for life. Developed countries especially. Therefore, you must have a job to earn money for life. Intending to do that, have the information about what might be required for your profession, so you could apply for the job in a European country.

Another European moving tips advice from us is- Apply and ensure the job in Europe prior to your Europe moving day! Only that way will you be sure that you will be able to live in Europe as you are supposed to! Calm, easy, stylish and with no worries on your mind!

Your relocation to Europe might become a nightmare in case of health issue, not having health insurance

Do the proper research about health insurance in a European country you regard as top to move to. Although the European Union has minimised the differences in health care protection, there are still great differences in health care systems even in EU.

Another piece of advice you’ll get in this Europe moving tips article is: Do the web research about health care protection in particular European country you are about to move to. If you need to wait until you get the national health care for free, make sure you purchased private health insurance before you move to the Old Continent. Health is the most important resource in your life, don’t be left without it!

An expat must secure the housing before moving to Europe
An expat must secure the housing before moving to Europe

Secure the housing the moment you decide you are definitely moving to Europe

It is not wise to move to Europe without having a plan where you will be staying. It’s ok if you have a cousin or a friend that offers you sleeping over. But it is only a temporary solution. Once you decide that relocating to Europe is what makes you happy, find and pre-arrange housing.

Imagine that, as soon as you land in Europe, you are able to unpack and start your life. Isn’t it a good solution comparing to staying with a cousin or friend, and losing time on searching the housing to finally settle down? Trust us. Securing the housing is maybe the top priority when your European relocation day is nearing.

Top of the Europe moving tips: PICK A RELIABLE EUROPE MOVER!!!

After you took care of everything we aforementioned, you are ready to make the next step- arrange the moving day! And there is no such a long moving without hiring a moving company. When you come to that, be very careful. There are so many fraudulent movers, and you don’t want to deal with any of them.

Therefore, if possible, get the recommendation for a good and reliable moving company in Europe. If there is no one you can trust enough, do the research. Contact several movers, get the estimates and make a selection. After that, do the web research of every company you chose. You need to be sure that you are moving with a European mover&packer you can trust. Only a reliable company, offering high-quality relocation services is good enough to conduct your moving to Europe!

If having second thoughts on coming to Europe, watch this video:

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