European family moving to Kuwait – 7 things to keep in mind

Moving to another continent – from Europe to Asia – may be very stressful. Oversea relocation to a country that is completely different than you you use, plus moving with kids. When a European family moving to Kuwait, there are many things to consider and to keep in mind. It is hard to separate just the 7 most important things because the number is bigger. But, to make this guide simple, we have chosen 7 things to keep in mind when moving to Kuwait from a country in Europe. 

A man on the airport.
Moving to another continent is a big decision to make, especially when you have kids

7 things to keep in mind as a European family moving to Kuwait

Considering long-distance moving soon to another country on another continent? When Europeans are moving to Kuwait it may sound complicated, stressful, hard, and impossible. But, you should know that you are not the only one moving there. Why do people want to move here?

  • A European family moving to Kuwait mostly because of a job offer. Kuwaiti Dinar is the strongest currency, and because of a strong economy, there is no wonder 70% of the population is made up of ex-pats.
  • Experiencing a different culture is another reason for moving here. 
  • If you love hot and sunny days, living in the Middle East is perfect, also Kuwait only has about 15 rainy days in a year. 

On the other hand, every place has its cons too:

  • The costs of living are very high, especially housing.
  • Kuwait has a lot of restaurants and shops, but besides that, there are no many things to do. A lot of Europeans say that after a while, living here may get boring.
  • Adjusting to a new life in Kuwait may take a while. Things that are simple at home, won’t be simple here at the beginning such as going to the doctor, making a bank transfer, etc. 
Kuwait at night.
Kuwait is an amazing and interesting place, at least you should visit it

#1 Getting a visa

Of course, you cannot move to Kuwait from Europe without a visa for you and your family members. Before organizing your family move to Kuwait, make sure to collect all the paperwork and documentation. There is another option a permit for ex-pats, you can live and work in Kuwait with this permit. Most visitors in Kuwait are sponsored by a Kuwaiti citizen or Kuwait based company, and if you are not, then find another option to get your visa. 

#2 Hiring a moving company

Moving to another continent alone or with a family is easier with a professional and experienced moving company. To move from Europe to Kuwait, and to make sure your belongings arrive safely know how to ship them. Even if this is not your first relocation, hiring a shipping company is required in this case.

Research online and visit forums to get recommendations from people that moved recently from Europe to Kuwait. They may suggest you a reliable mover for long-distnace relocations. A company must have a license and insurance. Besides that, read online moving reviews, contact them, and make sure they are in the shipping industry for a long time. 

#3 Packing for moving to Kuwait

Before starting to pack, find out how to do it stress-free and organize yourself. When a European family moving to Kuwait, there will be a lot of items to pack, especially if you have a big family.

But, keep in mind when packing for moving to Kuwait, not to pack winter clothing, you won’t need it. When it comes to clothing, only pack summer clothing, light but modest and not too revealing. After all, you are moving to one of the Muslim countries. Before packing big and heavy items such as sofa, bed, kitchen appliances, calculate is it cheaper to move or to buy new items after moving. If you are renting a furnished apartment, then you don’t need all your furniture. You can rent a storage unit in Europe, for example.

#4 Climate change

One of the biggest changes for you and your family after moving to Kuwait is the weather. You will need time to adjust to high temperatures and it may be difficult at the beginning. Living in a desert will be something new for you – the climate in Europe is completely different. When the summer comes, temperatures go up to 55°C. Most people don’t go out during the day when it is hot. In the winter, temperatures are about 15°C, so you will need to wear warm clothes.

#5 Real estate market

Housing prices are very high in Kuwait and you should keep in mind that. 36.6% of monthly incomes are going to rent. The average rent per month for a 3-bedroom apartment is 1,500€. Before moving, try to save as much as you can and search for ways to move at an affordable price. For example, choose a company that will offer you a great price for moving such as Easy Move KW. Every year, there are new real estate deals you can choose from. Kuwait is still growing as well 

#6 Different language and tradition

Culture and traditions are different in Kuwait and you will need to adjust to them as well as your kids. Luckily for you, there are plenty of Europeans, so it is not required to know the Arab language, but it is highly recommended. Life in Kuwait is not similar to life in Europe, but there is a beauty of it. Moving to another continent gives you the opportunity to try new things, see different traditions, etc.

A European family moving to Kuwait.
Adapt to a new life in Kuwait together with your family

#7 Education system

When a European family moving to Kuwait, education for kids is also one of the factors to consider. The education system here is great, and there are many international schools where English is a primary language. The schools are top-notch, so don’t worry about that, just explore the options you have in Kuwait and decide where your kids will go to school.

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