European expat’s guide to the most charming cities in Florida 

Europeans moving to Florida are making a life-turning decision. They are about to cross the ocean to live in a new country with new people and customs. To make that transition more comfortable, you need to live in a comfortable place where you will feel at home. The Sunshine State has many places where you will have a carefree life. Europe movers have a European expat’s guide to the most charming cities in Florida

Why Europeans will love living in Florida 

Before we get into the places where you should consider moving from Europe, let’s see the general benefits of Florida. 

The first reason why Europeans will love Florida is the weather. Many American move to Florida because of the weather. It is sunny all year – the state has around 230 sunny days.

You will have plenty of places where to spend the sunny days. The most beautiful beaches in America are in Florida, and you have plenty of choices if you get bored with one beach. You can choose one of the most charming cities in Florida on the beach and relocate there. When you have found that perfect beach city can help with the packing and other moving tasks. If they do not have all the moving services you need – research other moving companies. 

The third reason you should leave Europe and come to Florida is the tax benefits of Florida. Most Europeans move to America for better-paying jobs. By moving to Florida – you will get to keep more of your salary because there is no state income tax. In addition, Florida is a great place to retire because you do not have to pay anything on your retirement income. 

The final reason to move to Florida is affordable housing. On average, you will have to pay 300,000 dollars for a house and 1,500 dollars for rent. 

Palm trees on a beach
The most charming cities in Florida have beautiful beaches.

Now that you know the benefits of living in Florida. Let’s see where to move. 

One of the most charming cities in Florida is Miami 

The first place you should consider moving to in Florida is Miami. Miami is one of the most popular cities in Florida, and you have probably heard of it. It is the second most populated city in the Sunshine State, with around 440,000 residents. 

You will have to know that the cost of living is above the state average. Miami is 20% more expensive than the state average. If you want to buy a home in the city, it will cost you around 400,000 dollars. The average rent in Miami is about 2,100 dollars. But even though the city is expensive, there are plenty of benefits. 

Miami one of the most charming cities in Florida
Miami is great for European because of career opportunities.

There are many suitable neighborhoods for Europeans to live in and retire. If want to find a job, there is no better place than Miami. The best sectors to look for a job there are finance, trade, and tourism. There are many beautiful beaches like Lummus Park, Surfside, and Sunny Isle Beach. Besides the beach, Miami has a very active nightlife, and when the weekend comes, many people come to the city to have fun. The city has many good dining options where you can eat delicious seafood and South American cuisine. Finally, if you are from Spain, you should definitely move to Miami because around 60% of the population speaks Spanish. 

Pompano Beach is another one of the most charming cities in Florida 

The second suitable place for Europeans in Florida is Pompano Beach. Pompano Beach is the center of the Gold Coast and is near Miami and West Palm beach. The city has around 112,000 residents. 

Pompano Beach is only 2 percent more expensive than average Florida. The reason why it is so costly is because of the transportation costs. Homes in this city are very affordable – the median home cost is lower than the national average at around 270,000 dollars. Renting in Pompano Beach will cost you around 1000 and 2500 dollars, depending on the size of the place. 

The favorite place for the locals to relax is the beach. Pompano Beach has around three miles of shoreline where you can sunbathe, have a picnic, or swim in the ocean. If you want to look at the beautiful ocean, there is no better place in the city than the Pompano Beach Pier. But Pompano Beach does not only have sandy beaches to have fun. The city has over 40 parks. The most popular parks are Canine Corner Dog Park for dog owners. Pompano Community Park and North Pompano Park for families. 

Golden Retriever
Take your dog for a walk in Canine Corner Dog Park.

Besides outdoor activities, Pompano Beach has plenty of cultural activities. If you want to catch a show visit the Pompano Beach Cultural Center or Pompano Beach Amphitheater. For art and history lovers, there are no better places than Ali Cultural Arts Center and Blanche Ely House Museum. Pompano Beach has something for everyone to team up with local experts to help you move there. They know the area well and will not struggle to get you into your new place in Pompano Beach.

Crucial tips for moving overseas to Florida 

When moving overseas, you need to be very careful because many things can go wrong. Here are the two tips to prevent you from messing up your international relocation to Florida: 

  • First, spend most of your time looking for a moving company. Having a reliable moving company is one of the most significant parts of a successful relocation;
  • Second, when you have found reliable movers, you should let them handle everything. Too many things can go awry with an overseas relocation to Florida – avoid a DIY international relocation. 

Make your choice

We hope our European expat’s guide to the most charming cities in Florida helps you pick the perfect home for you. If you need any more help with international relocation to the Sunshine State, contact us for assistance. 

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