Top European cities for expats from New York

If you are moving soon to Europe from NY, one of the first steps to consider is to choose a place where to move to. Europe has many different countries and cities. Each one of them is special and unique. So, how to choose right, on what to pay attention to? Where are European cities for expats from New York? Many Americans are dreaming about visiting Europe, and some of them want to move there for good. It is a huge step and change in life. So, explore this continent and pick where to move to.

A street with cars and taxis.
Say goodbye to New York and start fresh in one of the cities in Europe

The list of European cities for expats from New York

You can find cities in Europe similar to New York, but how to research and where to start? Here are some European cities you should consider moving to as a New Yorker.

  • London – many New Yorkers are choosing London because it is a big city in the UK and the language is the same. This city is very similar to NYC, it is vibrant, unique, and fun.
  • Paris – the capital of France, city of lights, romance, fashion and it is famous for its casual and bohemian, lifestyle.
  • Madrid – if you want to live in Spain, Madrid is one of the options to consider. It is a very friendly and welcoming city. People are fun and open.
  • Berlin – Berin has a strong economy and the job market, that is why many New Yorkers want to move here. For young professionals, it is a good option.
  • Amsterdam – known for fun and interesting places, Amsterdam is one of the happiest in the Netherlands.

No matter what the reason is for moving to Europe, you need to be fully prepared. So, visit and ask professionals to help you out with relocation.

How to move from New York to Europe with ease?

Packing is part of every moving process, no matter are you moving locally, cross country, or overseas. But, when moving overseas, packing and transporting may be more complicated. If you don’t know where to start with packing or how to do it properly, you should ask experts to give you a hand when moving to Europe from New York.

Also, think about transporting your household items overseas. Those belongings will be “traveling” for days, that is why packing it is a little bit different from packing when moving locally. When moving from New York to Europe, pack and move only the most important items, because moving is not easy, cheap, or simple.

A map of European cities for expats from New York
Choose a city in Europe and try new things

Of course, these were not the only European cities for expats from New York, there are many more. The list is almost endless. Europe has a lot to offer, and it is different from the USA. So, you will need some time to adjust after moving. Meet locals, try new things, explore cities, have fun, learn a new language to adapt faster and good luck!

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