Europe vs. Asia – where should you live?

Somebody once said that our homes are not defined by geography or one particular location, but by memories, events, people, and places that span the globe. The sense of an adventure and an opportunity to meet new cultures and friends must be exactly the main reasons why so many people decide to relocate to another country. Even though there are many great destinations you can move to, deciding on a one might be a tough call. When making a choice Europe vs. Asia, you will need to research in advance and make a list of pros and cons. In order to help you make an informed decision, we have compared both continents and its upsides and cons.

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Find the best moving destinations in Europe and Asia

Europe vs. Asia – Before we start

In order to find the right place to call home you first need to know what exactly you are looking for. Therefore, you need to create a list of priorities. Do you want to live in a big city or prefer getting to know life in the countryside in Europe or Asia? Will you be moving with your family? If so, do you need to search for good schools for your kids? How about your new job?  Do you need to save money and find a small apartment or you want to take the next step in your career and search for a better job? Are you spending a gap year in Europe, and if so have you created a budget and a travel plan? All of these are crucial questions when you are making a decision where you should move to, Europe vs. Asia.

With a clear idea of your priorities, you will be able to more easily make the right decision and find the right city to move to.

Moving to Europe

With so many different cultures and countries in Europe, it is difficult to generalize reasons for moving to Europe. However, diversity might be the best thing about becoming a European. Whether you live in Scandinavia or fall in love with the Mediterranean area and relocate to Italy, other major European cities will be easily reachable and just a short flight away. Even though busy streets of metropolitan area will feel familiar for any American, there still might be some cultural shocks for foreigners moving to Europe. Each country in Europe has its own culture, history, and customs. Some of which might seem silly and odd, while the other ones may be difficult to get used to. Therefore, make sure you get to know the European culture and lifestyle prior to your move.

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Europian countries are diverse and have a rich culture

Reasons for moving to Europe

  • Diversity. There are 44 different countries in Europe. 28 are of which are members of the European Union while some countries have their territory spread in both Europe and Asia. Therefore, there are many choices when it comes to finding the best place to live.
  • Travel opportunities. With so many diverse countries on one continent, traveling around Europe is easy and affordable. For young people, that want to explore new countries, this is one of the best reasons for moving to Europe. Therefore, your weekends after moving to Europe can turn out to be short road trips to a nearby country.
  • Job opportunities. Countries with strong economies like Germany and UK offer many opportunities for young professionals and entrepreneurs. The job market and the benefits of starting a business in Europe are a crucial fact to consider when deciding Europe vs. Asia.
  • Healthcare. If you are coming from the USA, high-quality and low price of the health care systems in some European countries may come as a surprise.
  • Education opportunities. Comparing to American colleges, education is much cheaper. Also, there are numerous high ranking universities all around Europe that allow you to study in many different languages.

Should you move to Asia?

Just like Europe, Asia has many different and diverse countries and a unique culture to explore. With so many opportunities all around Asia, you have a chance to create your own adventure.

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Moving to Asia will provide you with great job opportunities

When it comes to moving to Asia, due to the economic growth more and more people from all around the World decide to move to the western parts of the continents. Countries like the United Arabian Emirates might seem strict at first. However, their strong economy has created many great job opportunities for expats. With 85% of the population being expats, large cities like Dubai had turned into diverse melting pots that are a great place for anyone searching to take the next step in their career.

Moving to Dubai

Dubai is a great place for anyone who is searching to move to a safe Asian city that offers many great job opportunities. As UAE has become a popular holiday destination for the upper class from all around the World, finding a job in industries like hospitality, tourism and health are easily possible for anyone. Besides being a popular vacation place, Dubai is home to many large international corporations who are searching for highly skilled staff.

Finding a job abroad

Even though finding a job in cities like Dubai shouldn’t be difficult, you will need to research in advance. Make sure you check the opportunities in your field of work online. There are reliable sources like that can help you find your dream job and easily reach your new clients even before the move. Hiring a recruiter that can save you time and find an open position that will fit your requirements is also a great way of finding a job in a market you are not familiar with.

Living like an expat in Europe or Asia

Moving abroad will be a great adventure. You will get an opportunity to reinvent yourself and grow both personally and professionally. However, adjusting to a new city and customs may sometimes be a bit difficult in the beginning. Make the whole process much easier on yourself by preparing and planning in advance. Take some time to relax and enjoy the new life.

Go sightseeing, plan fun activities and meet new people. If you are an active person, join a local gym or go for walks. There are many great gyms and health centers for both men and women to join. Therefore if you like to exercise, find female personal trainer in Dubai and apply for a personalized training program or a yoga class. This way you will be able to meet new friends and have fun while improving your health and fitness.

Your new hometown will most likely be nothing like you are used to. Getting around might be complicated at first. However, exploring a new city will be an adventure and it will help you adjust to the change.

Europe vs. Asia – How to decide?

Though choice, right? Unfortunately, we have to say that there is no correct answer to that. When it comes to deciding on Europe vs. Asia, it all comes to your own priorities. The lifestyle of countries of both continents is diverse. Therefore, before you make the final decision make sure the city you are considering moving to matches your requirements and priorities.

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Evaluate the pros and cons of Europe and Asia before moving

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