Cost of living in the USA: Your guide

First of all, the US has some of the most expensive places in the world, and affordable places too. If you want to live your American dream, we recommend you to do research about the average cost of living in the USA, and after that find your future hometown. Money is a major factor when moving, especially when it is a move across the sea to another continent. That is a huge step in your life that can be very stressful. But, you can lower your stress-level by preparing yourself on American prices, taxes and costs of living. 

Cost of living in the USA

Living in the USA is a dream for most people but, it is not cheap. Also, living in Europe, Asia, Africa is very different in every sense. Paying taxes, incoming, expenses, driving, drinking alcohol, traditions, etc. Everything is different, even the USA’s costs of living. Each year more about million people becoming residents of the USA. Millennials, retirees, businessmen, etc. To understand the costs better, you will need a converter:

  • 100 USD = 87.7 EUR = 78.2 GBP = 136.7 AUD = 132.9 CAD = 6630.1 RUB
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If you want to live your American dream, then first be prepared on costs of living there.

Make a budget. What will you need to pay?

The first cost you will have is a moving cost. Preparing all the documents for relocation and hiring a moving company to move your belongings. Even when you are not currently in the USA, you can make a budget. These are things you will need to pay:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Food and clothing
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Internet and TV
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
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Everything costs, you just need to find a plan and to make a budget.

Average costs of living in the USA

New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are one of the most expensive cities in the USA. But, not all cities have high prices like those cities. Monthly costs for utilities are $70-$170 for a 1000-square-foot apartment. Many people nowadays cannot live without TV and the internet, so the average cost is $40 per month. When you add food, clothing, having fun and other costs, the average price you will pay in the most expensive city, New York, will be about $1000 for one person. 31.3% of incoming, American spend on markets.

Average salaries in the USA

The average net salary per month is $3,030, after taxes. Data scientists, web developers, product managers are some of the best-paid people in America. Their average salary is about $80,000.

Housing costs in the USA

If you want to live in the city center, rent is higher there. So, many people want to save their money by moving to smaller cities which are affordable. If your move is a short distance one, it is easier but people underestimate the difficulty of short distance move. The price of family homes can be lower than $100,000 or higher than $1,000,000. It depends on the city and the size of a home. Average rent is about $950 in the city center. But, for example, in Oklahoma City, you can find homes where the rent is $600. American spend 33.6% on rent.

Transportation costs in the USA

One of the things you also must pay is transport. Bus, subway, taxi, gas..that all cost But, luckily, it is not that expensive. Also, driving is cheap in the USA because of the average cost of gasoline per liter (0.25 gallon) is $0.68. If you do not own a car, then a ticket for a public transportation per month is $119.

The most affordable cities and best in the United States

We have already said that the cost of living in the USA depends on the city. And where are those affordable cities where you can enjoy at a low cost?

  • Kansas City, Missouri has affordable rental homes and mortgage. Also, food is cheap and when you want to have fun, it will not cost you a fortune.
  • Dayton, Ohio is another great city in America where you will have fun at low cost and find a home to buy for $75,000. As you can see the cost of living in the USA does not have to be high and non-reachable.
  • Health care costs and utilities in Louisville, Kentucky are very affordable. Another great thing is the low unemployment rate and growth of the economy.
  • Birmingham in Alabama is a beautiful and affordable city at the same time. The community is great and it has a lot of family neighborhoods. 
  • Omaha, Nebraska has the lower national averages when it comes to costs of living. Also, the city is full of young people and job opportunities.
  • Austin, Minnesota is a small town but it has it all and it is very affordable. Moving to Minnesota might be your best decision.

Moving across America

Each state and city is different in the US. That means that the cost of living in the USA is so different too depends on where are you live. So, if you want to change your location, you will definitely need a moving company to help you with moving, packing, and storage if you need it. If you are searching for the company who has it all, we recommend City Moving and Storage MN. They have a full service and experienced workers. Do not be worried about moving costs, because they are very affordable and they can offer you the best deal and the best service at the same time.

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Find your perfect city in America where you can afford everything you want and move.


When it comes to the cost of living in the USA, it is a very common problem for residents. But, luckily, they learn how to manage their budget. Also, if you cannot handle the cots of living in the city where you are living now, you can always move and change the city. Adjusting after moving is not simple but America has many affordable cities where you will enjoy. So, if it the best option for you, call a moving company, book a move and start your new life.

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