Coming to New Jersey from Europe – 5 things you should consider

Are you preparing for an overseas relocation to the USA from a country in Europe? Coming to New Jersey from Europe is a big challenge and change in life. The lifestyle there is different. What to know before moving here, how to prepare? Getting a visa was one challenge, and now it comes moving organization.

5 things to know when coming to New Jersey from Europe

When moving from Europe to the US you need to spend time researching and exploring a place where you will live. Of course, there are more than 5 things to know, but, you must start from somewhere.

  • Cultural differences – if you are not coming from the UK or Ireland, learn English before moving to the USA. Besides language, there are other cultural differences and challenges. The education system, healthcare system, social and community values, driving, etc.
  • The costs of living – keep in mind that the costs of living in NJ are not cheap. The average price for 1 bedroom apartment is $1,200. When coming to New Jersey from Europe, make sure to prepare your finances
  • The weather – depending on where you are coming from, the weather may be challenging too. But, luckily, a change won’t be big. In NJ, you will experience all 4 seasons, which you already did, by living in Europe. 
  • You cannot pump your own gas – you used to pump your own gas in Europe, but since 1949, drivers cannot do it in NJ due to safety concerns.
  • BYOB – many restaurants in NJ have the police to bring your own bottle (beer or wine). If you do this, no one will think you are crazy. 
A confused girl.
Don’t be confused before moving, prepare and research before making this big step

Hiring an international mover

Hiring a moving company for moving overseas is not a thing to consider, it is a must. Research movers and make sure to hire a reliable and experienced one. Get some recommendations and ask other people for advice. Moving expert will transport all your items safely.

What if you don’t like living in NJ – can you move to another state? How to transport your items in that situation? Consider for a long-distance or local relocation and solve a problem. 

A map for coming to New Jersey from Europe
Make a plan on how to transport all your belongings to the USA safely

Renting a storage unit in NJ

When moving overseas, many people start looking for a home after moving. That is o.k. but where to store all your household items while you are in a hotel? One of the best solutions is to rent a storage unit in NJ where your belongings will be safe. You can rent it if your new home is too small for all your items. It is cheaper to rent a storage unit than a bigger apartment.

Make sure to prepare for moving to New Jersey – to plan every step in advance. Coming to New Jersey from Europe will be exciting, so after moving explore the environment and try new things and get new experiences. Start ASAP with moving preparations and packing, and don’t forget to ask for help.

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