Cities in Europe where Miamians feel at home

Relocating from the USA to Europe is becoming very popular. So many people are searching for some great cities in Europe to move to. Living in Europe is different the living in the states. People are different, culture is different and so are the people. But it won’t be difficult for you coming from Miami to feel at home in one of the following cities.


Living in Miami, you are used to hearing Spanish. Well, this is Spain’s capital city. The weather is nice, people are relaxed and friendly. Beaches are perfect. Their food is amazing. In many ways, Madrid is similar to Miami. So this a city you should check out definitely. Think this city might be perfect for you? Find assistance for tedious tasks like packing and relocating and you are good to go. There is no need to do this on your own when you can hire professionals to help you out.

Madrid - the first of many great cities in Europe
Madrid is truly breathtaking city, and you will fall in love.


If you want friendly neighbors and tasty food this is a place for you. Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia. Located in central Balkan. Summers are hot just like you are used to, but the winters can be cold and snowy. Luckily cold periods don’t last very long. This city is perfect for younger Miamians who like to party even now during the global pandemic nightlife is pretty vivid. The nightlife scene is one of the world’s best. There is another plus side – healthcare is free.


Larnaca is a smaller city in Cyprus. The weather is almost like the one you are used to. But this time you will be living an island life. In many ways this city is perfect. The food is a combination of Greek and Turkish cuisine. Nightlife is great. Beaches are perfect. There is something you might be weirded out at the beginning – the way they drive. Just like brits, they drive on the left side. So this might take some time to get used to. In case this place looks just about right – Miami Movers for Less will help you to pack your bags and relocate to your peaceful island paradise.

Coming from Miami you will feel at home here. Cyprus is such a charming island and Larnaca has the most charming beaches.


If you like spicy food, Hungary will satisfy your needs. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and this city is big, so many food chains you might be used to being there. Just like the fancy shopping malls. Also, this city has some great entertainment scenes and the people are known to be very friendly towards ex-pats. So, you will easily adapt here. This is another one of the amazing cities in Europe you should at least check out. If not for living then for some vacation. This is something you should not miss.

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