Cities in Europe Similar to New York

Do you yearn for the glam and the flashing lights of The New York City? Do you want to feel the pace of the metropolis everyday life? Maybe you would not have to move so far away to get it. Just look around and say ‘Hello!’ to Europe. Pack your bags and experience the core of  New York’s life in some of the most popular European capitals. Sounds impossible? Well, don’t be so sure! Here are some tips for several cities in Europe that are similar to New York.

Why New York?

Throughout centuries the American nation has been having a great influence on the rest of the world. Similarly to that, as one of the major cities in the United States of America, New York has a huge impact too. It affects how people in other countries live, behave and create their destinies. This highly populated metropolis attracts the attention of thousands of people all over the world. As the center of art, fashion, economy, and technology, New York City is an inspiration for prosperity, freedom, and the coziness of life. Popular monuments, modern buildings, and the nightlife of New York. Everything catches the hearts of the tourists that are eager for some new and interesting experiences. With all of the accommodation it can offer, the City of New York strives to remain the capital of the world.

Cities in Europe Similar to New York

Popular as it is, NY inspired the life of cities all over the world. They share their architecture, eat their food, wear their clothes, follow their destinies.

Here is the list of some interesting European capitals that can give you the sense of being in New York itself:

  • London
  • Milan
  • Copenhagen
  • Stockholm

London – a great co-New York City destination in Europe

The first thing that comes up to your mind when thinking about moving to a co-New York City destination must be London. Yes, you are completely right! The inevitable bound between these two cities is, of course, the language. Although the accent is different, all the variations of the English language must give you a sense of being in America’s metropolis. Most importantly if you strive for a good education, you can find it in Europe, too, because in London there are universities that can parry to any American one. On the other hand, as highly inhabited cosmopolitan cities, these two metropolises are busy and bustling as hives. A huge number of restaurants, malls, and shops will make it almost impossible to conceive where you are. But be careful! Both of them are said to be extremely expensive!

London is for sure one of the best cities in Europe similar to New York – it’s also a city that never sleeps!

Milan, a realm of fashion, is one of the cities in Europe similar to New York

Every huge metropolis in the world has to follow what’s new in fashion nowadays. Thus New York is not much different. Now, when it comes to fashion, it is widely known that Italy is an incomparable queen. Although the already immensely strong influence of the art of fashion comes from Italian creators, the Americanised touch in it is inevitably present. Clothes, shoes, accessories, everything you can see is at least a bit influenced by the popular American style. Therefore, if you are already planning your relocation, and if you long for high fashion but still prefer the glamorous catwalks of New York, the place in Europe similar to New York itself is definitely Milan. And, of course, if you are already there, don’t miss this famous fashion week spectacle, which is, with no doubt one of the greatest. So, fashion gurus, get ready for moving!

Copenhagen- feel New York’s pace of life in Europe

If you would like to taste the real pace of life on the streets of New York City, consider this. Take a look at the most populated city in Denmark first. Try Copenhagen. Copenhagen is said to be one of the best places for every New York citizen to live in. When it comes to people’s dedication to a healthy way of life, sport, and fitness, no one can measure with them. If your body and soul are prone to constant training, and you like how they do it back in New York, the city in Europe similar to it, is, with no doubt this Denmark’s metropolis.

So, if you wish to feel American, but you would not like to travel that far away, you should definitely consider Copenhagen as an option.  However, considering the rushing way of living you are to meet in there, you may need some extra help while moving.

A view of a harbor in Copenhagen which is one of the cities in Europe similar to New York.
The beautiful view of Copenhagen harbor.

Stockholm- people there are proud to seem American

Finally, there is one more city that can offer you New York’s view of life. Get ready to move to Stockholm, one of the cities in Europe so similar to New York. As people in this beautiful city say, everything in their lives strives to be American. They are proud of their malls, restaurant chains, everyday activities and nature that are all so American. As can be said, it is a nice piece of the urban way of New York’s life, but when it comes to distance, much easier to get. Think about it! Not that far away, but still almost the same feeling you want to get. Everything you need to do is gather your friends who can help you pack your bags and start your moving trip!

Stockholm skyline.
Stockholm is also one of the cities in Europe similar to New York.


It is true that New York is, with no doubt one of the most desirable cities to move to. Its charm and always present joyful spirit cannot leave you indifferent, in any case. But, since American influence has been spreading widely almost every day, it is not difficult to find something similar to it in Europe, too. Beautiful European cities, no matter how distant from America itself, can offer much more of New York streets’ glam than you can ever imagine. So, if you are not ready to cross distances to live the life you are dreaming about, but you still want to live your dream, there is an option. Choose one of the enlisted cities in Europe similar to New York. Live your dream and let it begin just now in Europe.

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