Cities in Europe to move to and find the job immediately

When considering future, most of the people consider if the place where they currently live is the place where they want to stay for the rest of life. Therefore, they start looking for another place to consider, to move to and become happier and more satisfied with themselves. Europe is one of the most popular continents to move to/ People often say that when moving to Europe, it is like having a trip, just working while doing it, and the task of ‘Movers Europe’ team is to help people find the right solution, and pick one of top cities to move to in Europe. Among other important things, maybe the most interesting to people is the opportunity to find a job when they move, because without the job, there is no money, and with no money- there is no future in that city.

Here we are to see what cities in Europe are the best places to consider, regarding job opportunities. The articles that we are going to provide will make those cities closer to you, with basic information for you to know, so you could have an idea of liking or disliking any of cities mentioned in it. Remember, the following cities are picked solely on the basis of job opportunities, so there might be a chance that you would want to gather more information about them so you could make a final decision.


Top city in Europe based on IT job opportunities:


Move to Dublin
Dublin moving

The economy of Ireland, especially the economy of Dublin, is booming during last years. In fact, the economy of Ireland has the economy with growing rate among highest in Europe- GDP growth rate is 7,8%, and EU average just 1,9%. The unemployment rate is constantly declining. At the moment it is somewhere around 7%. The World Economic Forum made a forecast of economic growth of Ireland at 6,9%. All of this is due to the implosion of this land’s economy during the economic crisis back in 2008. How rapidly growing Ireland’s economy is you can find out if you check the address of headquarters of the biggest technology companies in the world. Facebook, IBM and Google moved their headquarters to Dublin, which makes Dublin city of the future for people with knowledge of new technologies. If you have specialised in this field, you have the luck to be reading this text. This is most probably the top city to move to in Europe for you!


The city in Europe with the lowest rate of unemployment:


Move to Prague

With the perfect location- a centre of Europe, which makes it easy to economically communicate to every part of Europe, Czech Republic, and its capital Prague is one of the top cities to consider when deciding on where to move to in Europe. It has the lowest rate of unemployment across Europe- just 4,1%, the orientation of the economy has been switching from manufacturing to the new private sector, IT technologies, tourism, consulting etc. With these kinds of jobs increasing in Europe and being that Prague is cheaper to do business in then, for example, London, or Paris, it is very obvious what kind of potential Prague as the capital of this country has for growing even further. If you have the profession that is among aforementioned, and if you have the entrepreneurial spirit, Prague Is top city if you are moving to Europe, comparing with others cities of Europe.

If the job opportunities in Prague are not enough to assure you that you should strongly consider moving there to live, then we should maybe mention that it takes the very short drive from Prague to some of most beautiful cities in Europe- Vienna, Dresden, Warsaw and Berlin. So if you get bored at Prague, there is a lot you can do in those cities that I mentioned.


Silicon Valley among cities of Europe:



Moveto Stockholm

Do not think of it based on the syndrome that got the same name. Think of this city as of the birthplace of Skype and Spotify. Did we manage to get you attention? No? What if we tell you that this city has the reputation of being major tech hub after the Silicon Valley? I suppose that if you come from new branches of economy, which IT sector certainly is, that you are aware what it means. Stockholm can be considered as a Silicon Valley of Europe and therefore top city of Europe for moving to! Imagine what kind of opportunities lay there and wait for you?

Some other economic data may assure you that not the only reputation of this city, or being a place where Skype is invented, make this city a great job opportunity for you. Beside IT sector, the areas of Finance and entrepreneurship, This place is flourishing comparing to most of other cities in EU area. According to World Economic Forum, Sweeden is ranked sixth based on the forecast of economic growth at 3,2%.  Because of things that we aforementioned, there is a great and rising demand for different skilled labourers, which is, I suppose, a nice piece of information to consider this city one of top cities, when talking about relocation to Europe.


Top city for entrepreneurs in Europe:



Move to Viena
Move to Viena

We will not here mention the beauty of the architecture of this city, which is among most beautiful architectures of the world. No, we will not mention that some of the greatest composers come from this magical city, if we would talk about that, we would just mention names like Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn… But, we will not consider anything of aforementioned, although this information might be enough to decide immediately that this is the best city in Europe to move to.

We will talk here about growing economy of Austria, which is maybe the best presented in the capital of it, Vienna. Overall changes in the direction of the economy caused that it becomes some kind of promise land for entrepreneurs of Europe. If you are not that much into becoming an entrepreneur, then you possibly would like to hear that there is great demand for marketing or IT professionals, being that those entrepreneurs, as much as great companies, have a need for this kind of people. If this is not interesting for you, maybe a chance to work in some department of United Nations will. Also, I would like to add that you can do almost all of your jobs using the English language.

Combining aforementioned ‘uninteresting’ data about architecture and culture of Viena, with economic data mentioned after it, doesn’t Vienna seem as the best idea to think about while picturing your move to European city?


In the end of this article, let’s check the most important information about why you should move to aforementioned cities in Europe:

  • Dublin-city of the future for people with knowledge of new technologies
  • Prague-the lowest rate of unemployment in Europe
  • Stockholm- Silicon Valley of Europe
  • Vienna- promise land for entrepreneurs