Cities in Europe to move to and find the job immediately II

-Top European capitals to move to-

We said that we would be back, so, here we are! We found some more cities in Europe to consider when thinking of moving to Europe or moving within Europe. The first thing that comes to your mind when you are doing your research of where is the best place to move, regardless if it was the same country, another country, or another continent, is what are the opportunities to find a job there, and can you improve there in any way, but first in terms of quality of your life. We already discussed why some of the cities are top places to move there and find the job immediately. Now, we are giving you hints about some more capitals in Europe that offer you the same, continuing to provide you with the most valuable information of all- where to move to reach the high standard of life In Europe!



The capital of the strongest economic force in EU

Move to capital of Europe: Berlin
Move to capital of Europe: Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Germany is the strongest economic force in Europe. Therefore, should we argue about the recommendation to move to the capital of Europe in which you are most likely to find a job and a decent living, based on the overall situation in the country of Germany? Still, there are the couple of things that must be mentioned. It is estimated, based on the development of different areas of the economy here, that there will be another 100.000 new jobs created in Berlin until 2020. One of the reasons to say that, maybe the most important, is that the number of successful start-ups (among others, for example, the Soundcloud) is growing so rapidly in Berlin that Angela Merkel says for Berlin that It is ‘the yeast that makes the industry grow’. The average salary in Berlin is almost 3000€, and the flat with one bedroom is 450€ on average. That makes this city so the great capital of Europe to relocate to.

Besides the economy, there are many things that would make you want to move there and stay forever. First, every part of the city has its own part of the history, unique architecture, and each neighbourhood has a unique spirit. You must come there and feel it understand what we are saying. Second, being polite is almost a rule here. You would have to try very hard to find someone who would treat you without respect. Also, it has a brilliant artistic and cultural life- let’s just mention the famous Berlinale. Furthermore, for sports lovers, Berlin is a home city to Hertha and Alba, some of the top clubs in football and basketball leagues in Germany. What we said here, is just one small piece of what Berlin actually is, but we tried to mention the best things to make you think of it as of possibly the top capital of Europe to move to.



The capital of Europe with the booming economy

Move to capital of Europe: Paris
Move to capital of Europe: Paris

We must be honest at the beginning and say that the economy of France, and therefore the economy of Paris, doesn’t have the same force as it used to have not so many years ago. But, what also need to be said is that the economy of Paris is working hard to get back where it belongs, among strongest forces of Europe. The reason why we have right to say that is that the GDP of Paris is 30% of GDP of France in last couple years! Also, there is a territory here called La defense that is home to some of the top companies in the world, and employing many expatriates here in Paris, which is maybe the best recommendation why Paris should be placed among top capitals of Europe to move to, regarding from the aspect of finding a job. Although the unemployment rate is high here, 10%, the forecasts are that it is going to change positively, because the economy of Paris is booming at the moment, and, in case you choose this capital of Europe to relocate to, know that it is estimated that Paris is going to be one of the wealthiest cities to live in by 2020.

Putting economy away, we do not know where to begin, considering reasons why to move here, among European cities. In fact, we could possibly find little reasons not to do that. It is often claimed to be the cultural capital of Europe. Its influence has been great, no matter what we discuss, whether it was politics, food, architecture, art… It is the city of illumination in every possible way, for it would satisfy even the people with the most sophisticated taste. For those who love sports, it Is also home to PSG football club, the club of great popularity that rises every day. Even though it is much more expensive city than many in Europe, on the contrary, you could find much less expensive wines or cars here than in many other capitals of Europe. Combining the aforementioned, does Paris sound like top capital in Europe to move to in for you?



Top capital to move to in Europe for start-ups


Move to capital of Europe: AMsterdam
Move to capital of Europe: Amsterdam

The most important reason why we think that Amsterdam is among top capitals to move to in Europe is that the economy of Netherlands is growing rapidly, and Amsterdam is maybe the most important motor of the country. It has generous tax conditions that attract people to start their own business, and by that employ other people. Also, this place is home to some of the top companies around the globe (the number of them coming here is growing each day), coming from the most various industries, offering jobs to expats. Also, the number of successful start-ups is among the highest in Europe, which offers, even more, options for those who pick this capital as top to relocate to, one of them is to move here and start your own company! One more thing to mention is that Amsterdam is among capitals of Europe with the lowest costs of living!

 Talking about quality of life– is there something that Amsterdam doesn’t offer? It is another capital considered the cultural capital of Europe. There is the variety of museums, restaurants and concert-halls, and also a large number of out-door festivals, making you have the opportunity to enjoy in various things that you might like. There are historic neighbourhoods with some buildings of amazing architecture here that might make you feel like walking through a village, rather than through a big city. Sports lover? No problem- there is Ajax football club, where some of the best players ever made their first football steps! Also, the pleasance of being here is what is maybe the most important for expats, or expats to be, because the foreigners are very welcome here- regardless if they are tourists or they move here to stay.

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