Charming towns of New Hampshire – expats’ choice

Granite State provides the perfect combination for a vacation: ocean, mountains, and lakes. So why not make it a permanent vacation by choosing to move there for good? You wouldn`t be the first or the last to fall in love with the charming towns of New Hampshire. The scenery is as great as it could get, so you will for sure start investing more in professional photographic equipment.

First of all

As an expat, there’s a really hard choice to make once you step on US soil: the place where you wish to spend the rest of your life in. Having so many great opportunities back there in Europe has made you a really picky diva when it comes to the resourcefulness of the places, which is why we know for a fact you will definitely be in love with the state of NH. Anyway, there are many things to do when moving into a new home, so make sure you are considering each and every single aspect of this journey.

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As an expat, it`s always a diffciult thing to choose the most suitable place for your relocation.

We have selected a list of the 10 most charming towns of New Hampshire, which might come as the perfect guide for you in case you are planning to choose your new residency around:

1. Deerfield

Are you a countryside type of person? Well, if you are up for some agricultural family fun, this is the place for you. They have the Deerfield Fair tradition here which started almost 1.5 centuries ago. So in case you are a fresh air lover and mud is sort of your normal habitat, you shouldn`t wait any longer. Identify a nice cozy farm and reach out to teams close to you which will help you move in no time. The movers are located in the very heart of this heart-welcoming town, so it shouldn`t take long until you`re done with everything.

2. Jackson

Jackson is one of the best resort areas in the White Mountains. There are plenty of winter activities you can enjoy, such as ice-skating, snowboarding, skiing. A great place to live in if you are into winter sports.

3. Lincoln

Not too far away from Jackson, very similar but a little bigger than it, there is another great resort area, Lincoln. East of this small New Hampshire town, there are some ski trails right on Loon Mountain. They can also be used for sleigh rides in case you are not a fan of extreme sports.

4. Littleton

A place that has definitely earned its place among the 10 most charming towns of New Hampshire, at least for expats missing good food from Europe. It is well-known for its restaurants which meet almost every sort of cultural diversity. It is ideal for gourmands as it provides unique culinary experiences. The main differences in social culture between Europe and the USA are so much easier to bear with while not on an empty tummy!

A photo camera and three pictures on a map.
The scenery in NH is breathtaking which means you will want to invest more in professional photographic equipment.

5. Hampton Beach

The biggest beach resort in the whole of New Hampshire, Hampton Beach is a great opportunity to build a social life in a quiet place. You can effectively kill some time by visiting the Seacoast Science Center or the Granite State Whale Watch. And, of course, also killing some of your budgets, by visiting the local casinos – so plenty of them! If you like to have your moments of peace and quiet, you can just chill on the beach and get a nice tan. Or you can always take a quick visit to the Oceanarium and touch some of the sea creatures. It is said that thalassotherapy is pretty effective when it comes to making stress disappear from your life map.

6. Dover

The fourth-largest city in the state, Dover is a family-friendly place to live. It is one of the safest cities in NH. So in case your main concern is your family`s safety and want to move to Strafford County soon, take note of the fact that locals are the best assistance when it comes to moving. Very kind and professional personnel, this is what our readers always emphasize about this particular moving company.

7. Franconia

One of the most charming towns of New Hampshire, also called “The Green Gem of NH”. This is because it`s all surrounded by parks and forests. It is said that, on a clear day, from the top of Cannon Mountain, you can see mountains from Canada. Needless to say, that particular view is breathtaking and definitely worth the professional photographic equipment investment we were mentioning to you at the beginning of the article.

8. Meredith

Surrounded by the biggest lakes in the whole granite state, it`s a major resort town. Located at the foothill of the White Mountains, Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in the whole of New Hampshire. This 21 miles long jewel is the perfect spot to have some nice sightseeing if you are a nature lover. Or even get some of the popular boat tours in the area. Swimming is a local sport on the Ellacoya State Park, which is also a great place for camping and picnics.

9. Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a port city in New Hampshire, situated on the Piscataqua River. It also has a joint civil and military use airport, Portsmouth International Airport at Pease. The most frequently fed hobby around here seems to be fishing, which is also an entertaining way to catch those Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids all by yourself. All you need is a fishing rod and a lucky hook. When choosing Portsmouth, it doesn’t matter how far you need to move away from- you only need to browse to find valuable assistance.

10. Concord

Concord, the capital city of Granite City, is a peaceful place to live. It is an important hub for railroad industry and there are plenty of jobs to choose from. The cost of living is really low compared to the opportunities which await round the corner.

Concord City is one of the charming towns of New Hampshire.
Concord is one of the most charming towns in New Hampshire and also the capital city of the state.

Haven’t decided yet?

Once you are done choosing your residency out of the countless charming towns of New Hampshire, it is time for the final step, which is taking care that your crib becomes your sanctuary. For that, we strongly suggest you reading this article on home improvement projects to refresh your home. You might be a person of fine taste, but you never know which ideas you could get from it.

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