Charming towns in New Hampshire for European retirees

There are plenty of great and charming towns in New Hampshire for European retirees. Moving to the USA has been a popular choice for Europeans in the last decade and New Hampshire is one of the best destinations. The choice will be tough since all of them are great. We will also show you who can help you to get there once you finally choose.

Portsmouth is the biggest one on our list

Miami is a very popular destination for European retirees but it’s not the only one. Portsmouth is also quite attractive. This is the second most densely populated city in the country but there are many reasons why seniors love Portsmouth. Great retirement homes and villages are just one of the reasons. Taxes are too. In this town (as in every other on today’s list) the taxes are 11.30 percent.

This charming town was built in 1657 and completely reconstructed in the late 1800s. Portsmouth’s North Church is a historic landmark and many seniors love it. New Hampshire residents can enjoy the view from many parts of the city thanks to this landmark. This is a great place for you to start your research. Texas is also very popular amongst seniors but we believe that NH is cheaper and the weather is easier to adapt to.

A senior couple exploring one of the charming towns in New Hampshire for European retirees.
This can be a great place for you to enjoy retirement.

Amherst is one of the most charming towns in New Hampshire for European retirees

Amherst is a community-oriented and walkable charming town with a variety of gorgeous seasons which is perfect for seniors. Mostly families and retirees live in this safe, well-heeled neighborhood. Public schools receive a lot of money and are excellent. Maybe your grandkids can come here as well?  Not much in the way of nightlife but this is clearly more of a destination for families and seniors. If you plan to relocate here make sure to call professional movers. Local experts can jump in and help you with the whole process.


Milford is in southern New Hampshire, about an hour north of Boston. This place has that small-town charm many seniors are looking for. This charming town lacks a lot of nightlife and similar entertainment but chances are this is not something you are looking for. In October, Milford is known for its annual Pumpkin Fest. Kids love it so if you have them plan on having the grandkids over for a visit then. As with every city on this list, the tax burden is 11.30 percent. Michael Brooks Moving can help you to get here.

A senior hiking.
This charming town can also offer you some great outdoor activities.


For those seeking easy access to nature, this is the best choice. Two nature preserves are located within the city limits – Horatio Colony and Greater Goose Pond Forest. You can also find  The Green Mountain National Forest nearby. Every summer you can enjoy the Keene Music Festival here.

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