Charming places in Ohio for European retirees

Moving away can be very difficult on an emotional level. Especially when you are moving somewhere far away, overseas. Like from Europe to the States, for instance. In situations such as this one, you need to expect sudden homesickness. And you should also be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. That is the reason why you should find all the charming places in Ohio for European retirees. Moving to a place that reminds you of home can help to overcome those unwanted feelings. There are plenty of attractions that Europeans love, you just need to find them. Also, you have better chances of finding new friends from your home country faster than in other cities. Get ready, there are a lot of things to think about now.

The best and one of the most charming places in Ohio for European retirees is Galloway

When you are looking for a place to relocate that will remind you of your home, you believe that the chances are small. But you are wrong. When you relocate from Europe, and you want to retire in a similar place, Galloway is the place you are looking for. There are many reasons why this should be your final decision. First, this entire place has that European feeling, and all the houses and buildings are built in that European style. But when it comes to more important things, you should know that Galloway is a very safe place. There are almost no crimes happening there. And as a retiree, this should be very important to you.

Even though you are retired, and you have money, you should still pay attention to how you spend it. And in Galloway, that will be easy. The housing is affordable, and the costs of living are very low. What more could you ask for? Nature is everywhere around you, and at the same time, Downtown Columbus is just 20 minutes away. If you plan on moving with the rest of your family, that will be good for them, because this is a family place. There are so many families in all the neighborhoods. If you like the idea of moving to a place that reminds you of home and family, Galloway is the one. But hurry up. Let skilled people handle it when it comes to relocation so that you can explore this wonderful place as soon as possible!

Happy retired couple preparing to cook together.
You can find some of the charming places in Ohio for European retirees where you will feel at home.

Another place you should think about is Dublin, OH

While you are looking for all the places that European retirees love, you will figure out that many places in Ohio have a name after the cities in Europe. And that is not without a reason. They, without a doubt, will remind you of those cities. Take Dublin for an example. Even though it is a suburb of Columbus, the number of inhabitants is 47,824 which is quite high for a suburb. It is in Franklin County and there are other places nearby that you can visit from time to time. The area feels sparse suburban and that can remind you of home. There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars around. But at the same time, there are lots of parks as well.

Plenty of residents that reside in Dublin tend to have moderate political views. Also, public schools in Dublin are rated with the highest grades, so if you have children, you won’t have to worry about their schooling. The difference between owners and renters is quite high. Most of them own their homes, even though the medium home value is higher than a national one. But this thing you decide on your own, according to your budget. 

Even though it is very small, Amsterdam is one of the most charming places in Ohio for European retirees

Amsterdam in Europe and Amsterdam in Ohio are very different. So don’t get the wrong idea from the start. Even though this place has only 508 inhabitants and is very small, Europeans love it. The area is rural, and residents rather own their homes instead of renting them. This is one of the best places in Ohio for retirees. You will meet plenty of people your age over there, that is for sure. However, to explore everything that Amsterdam has to offer, you first need to get there. Hire reliable movers, Zippy Shell Columbus, for instance, for a stress-free moving experience.

Happy retired couple sitting on a bench, hugging and reading the newspaper.
You won’t feel lonely in those European – like cities.

Quite a similar place, not only because the name is New Holland

New Holland is also on the list of charming places in Ohio for Europeans even though it is quite small just like Amsterdam. In New Holland, there are 829 inhabitants, most of them retirees coming from Europe. Well, it is for a reason, don’t you think? Here, the residents tend to be conservative, and the area feels suburban and rural mixed. As in most of the other places in Ohio, people rather own their homes instead of renting them. Also, if you come with grandchildren, be aware that there are public schools in New Holland with a great educational system. Just make sure to find neighborhoods that are rated by European nomads before you get here.

Give Versailles a chance as well as it is one of the most charming places in Ohio for European retirees

Whether you come from Europe, or you are a native American, you will be surprised to know that Versailles is one of the best places in the United States to buy a home and live. So many retirees, from all over the world, come to live here once they get retired. The area feel is a mix of rural and suburban, and it reminds residents of European old towns. There are 2,793 inhabitants and they tend to be conservative as well. You will find a lot of parks and outdoor activities, as well as plenty of bars. What are you waiting for? Prepare for the relocation.

Elderly person folding clothes.
Remember not to pack too many things.

Finally, you have London 

Now, London has 10,241 inhabitants and it is in Madison County. It is quite bigger than all the other towns that we mentioned. And it is one of the most charming places in Ohio for European retirees for a reason. The area feel is a sparse suburban and the residents here rather own their homes. You will meet plenty of other retirees from Europe, which is very important as well. Having all the information that is important, now it is time to decide.

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