Charming cities in California favorite among European families

California is a great place to raise a family because of the state’s high quality of life indicators, including its gorgeous weather, safe neighborhoods, and outstanding educational opportunities. Continue reading to learn which charming cities in California are the greatest for starting a family and which ones Europeans love the most. The southern half of the state is linked with white sand beaches and Hollywood glitz, while the northern part of the state is known for the Napa Valley. Location is crucial, whether you decide to plant your roots in the north, the south, or the middle. Luckily you have us to help you.

San Jose

When compared to the other cities in our research, San Jose stands out as the most populous (and the largest one in Northern California). This city has roughly a million people calling it home. Many European families live here.  The city’s rapid expansion over the past few decades, from its humble beginnings as an agricultural hamlet, is partly attributable to the thriving technology sector. We feel it would be a wonderful fit for families because of the abundance of excellent schools. Obviously, that is not the only thing that attracts families. The city’s overall low crime rate for a city of this size is also a plus. There are many exciting things to do, experience, and see in the surrounding area. You can even make the drive to Yosemite if you want to. This is a great place to start your research. European digital nomads love this place. Florida is not the only place for them. California can also be a good choice.


Irvine surely deserves its place among charming cities in California European families love! Before we start, we just wanted to share one fun fact about this place. Transformers and Iron Man were filmed here. Well, part of those movies. But still, it is a fun fact right? It wasn’t until the 1960s that Irvine began to develop as a city, despite its 1800s prominence as an agricultural hub. Nearly 230,000 people call Irvine home. This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. If your children are considering further education, you may rest assured that all the schools here are among the best in the state. The proximity to fun tourist destinations (for example Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm) is a major draw for locals. We noticed many European families living here. Also, we found that European retirees love this city as their perfect place to spend their senior years. So, this is another place you should research a bit more.

filming a movie
How is this for a fun fact?


Roseville is one of Sacramento’s biggest suburbs. It was first founded during the gold rush. This is a great place for job seekers.  Many of the world’s finest companies have their headquarters here. With a median income of $92,000, you can’t go wrong. Home prices are extremely affordable compared to other cities in Northern California. You can anticipate spending little more than a quarter of your income on housing. Several local schools have been honored with “California Distinguished School Awards,”. The city as a whole boasts a high average of positive safety ratings across all of its communities. If you are thinking about moving here, know that Mod Movers California will be able to assist you with all your moving needs.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is fantastic if you like being close to the beach. This city has about 194,000 residents. It has earned the moniker “Surf City USA” due to its proximity to excellent wave-riding conditions. Of course, that’s far from the only thing that makes it desirable as a place to live. The beach isn’t the only reason to move here. The area’s low crime rates, high-quality schools, and attractive neighborhoods certainly help. Sale prices for homes are generally greater closer to the seaside, but fall off sharply as one moves inland. This is one of the best California cities for European artists because of the amazing views here.

Sunset at a beach in California
Sunsets here are out of the world.


This is the oldest city in San Joaquin Valley. Visalia is close to both Fresno and also the Sequoia National Forest. If you are wondering about the weather, here we have a piece of good news.  The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to the city’s mild temperature and lush scenery. Housing is surprisingly cheap here. There are many interesting communities to pick from if you’re thinking of making a long-term investment in a house. On average, it takes less than 20 minutes to travel to work, and the typical annual salary is roughly $53,000.

Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove is located in Monterey County. This city is one of the nicest locations in California. Many European families live here and think that this might be the best place to live in California with kids.  Living in Pacific Grove offers inhabitants a suburban feel. That is a great thing for families. Numerous pubs, eateries, cafes, and green spaces may be found in Pacific Grove which makes it a convenient place for all ages. If you decide to relocate here, make sure to find adequate assistance when it comes to moving and settling in. Just so you can start your new life right and stress-free.

Palm trees and the sky in one of the charming cities in California
This is a quite charming and relaxing place.


Sunnyvale is located in the center of Silicon Valley. It’s also very close to San Jose.  There are many high-paying IT jobs available in the area. This is another great city for job seekers especially the ones in the IT line of work. The median income is significantly higher as a result. That is the only downside of this charming city in California.  That is the expense of relocating your family here to Sunnyville which is also one of the safest cities in the country. The prices may be higher than in San Jose, but it is well worth it. How do you like the charming cities in California we just showed you? Which one is your favorite?

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