Cardboard moving box alternatives

When you think of relocation, you probably immediately think of many cardboard moving boxes stacked on one another. To move safely and without any damage, you need to find new, sturdy moving boxes that can be pretty costly if you’re moving a large household. Additionally, you don’t know how to get rid of them or where to put them after the move is done. So, we present to you some cardboard moving box alternatives to help you save money, energy, and time.

Renting plastic containers as cardboard moving box alternatives

If you want to have a green and affordable move, renting plastic containers from a moving company is the way to go. These are very sturdy and durable and can be used several times. Once you’re finished with the move, you simply return them and don’t think about cardboard waste. And finally, if you want to label the boxes, use the stickers instead of writing directly on the box.

A woman carrying plastic container as one of the cardboard moving box alternatives
Plastic containers are a green solution and excellent moving box alternative


One of the cardboard moving box alternatives that are true space-saver our suitcases. Packing your items in suitcases will save you a lot of time since they don’t need to be secured with tape. Also, you’ll save space as well, as you don’t need to pack suitcases separately.

Some items packed in a suitcase.
Even though a suitcase reminds you of traveling, use it in your next move as a moving box alternative.

Gym bags

Why fold and pack your gym bag(s) if you can use them to pack for the move? However, as these bags are soft, they won’t protect any fragile items. Therefore avoid packing breakables or electronics, but use them for clothes, soft toys, etc.

Garbage bags

Another excellent way to get moving box alternatives. Garbage bags are very affordable, and you get many pieces in a pack. However, they won’t protect your items from breaking – but they will protect them from getting dirty or wet. That’s why garbage bags are excellent for packing clothes, pillows, linens, etc.

Remember: Garbage bags should be your last option since they tear very easily during transport. But if you’re not moving far away, they can be useful for some less important items.

Dresser drawers

Some of the smaller pieces of furniture like dressers can be moved even with clothes or other items inside. This trick is used by many movers, so you can do the same. However, be sure to secure the drawers from opening during transport – you can tie or tape them. Also, it’s a good idea to remove the handles and keep them in one of the drawers, so they don’t damage during transport or scratch other items.


We’re sure you have more than one backpack in your home. They are small, indeed, but at the same time, they are very easy to carry. That’s why you can use them to pack some of the items – but avoid packing breakables.

Laundry hampers

Laundry hampers can be a great way to store some taller items, like a lamp or a favorite plant. As they are pretty sturdy, they will also protect the items during transport. But be sure to secure the lid so it won’t open and line the hamper with a plastic bag if you plan on moving a plant in it.

As you can see, there are many moving box alternatives around your home – you just need to be creative. Also, don’t forget to use linens, pillowcases, and old clothes as wrapping protection alternatives. Relocation can be quick, safe, and affordable, even without moving boxes.

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