Canada cities Europeans like best

Did you know that Canada is one of the most popular places European citizens move to every year? It should really come as no surprise this destination is pretty famous among Europeans. Why? Well, it depends on the view. It’s safe to say that the great health care system Canada has is something European ex-pats have gotten used to in their homeland. Of course, there’s no way you can say that about the USA and its health care programs. It’s only natural they’ll find Canada more attractive than its neighbor. Also, after the wars in the Balkans during the nineties many people from that region found their new homes in Canada. In the article below we’ll show some of the cities in Canada Europeans like best. You’ll clearly see why Canada is a popular destination among many Europeans looking for a new home abroad.

Quebec City, Quebec

We’ll start the list with Quebec City. Many folks say it’s something of a Canadian Paris. For French newcomers in Canada, this town is something they pretty much used to see in their homeland. Quebec City is a place that probably does Europe way better than any other North American town. French culture is, of course, very present in the state of Quebec. Who would’ve thought, right? Well, the official language of Quebec is French, so… Anyway, picture this: small cozy cafes, romantic streets bound by old French architecture, and the language of love being spoken at every corner. Now you have a clear picture of why this town is so popular among European ex-pats. If you’re on the lookout for some Paris vibes this is the place.

Quebec City is certainly one of the cities in Canada Europeans like best.
Where would you say this picture was taken? You’ve probably thought the correct answer is somewhere in Europe. Wrong. It’s Quebec City, Quebec.

Toronto, Ontario

Next, we have Toronto, Ontario. Its resemblance to Europe is not so visible in architecture, but the whole spirit and the culture of the people is something most Europeans will find familiar. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of the state of Ontario. Its home to a big European immigrant community. As we’ve mentioned in the introduction many people came to Canada fleeing from the wars in the Balkans during the nineties. The city is also quite famous for its moving providers. Feel free to visit and check out what they have to offer. Moving around Canada until you find the place of your dreams was practically never easier.

Montreal, Quebec

We’ve already mentioned the fact that Quebec does resemble Europe the most. There’s no need to overemphasize the stated fact. Montreal is also well-known for its amazing architecture and history. If you’re a fan of history you’ll have many things to do and visit in this beautiful city. Also, Montreal is pretty infamous among food lovers. In a good way, that is. Don’t worry about your European-style food cravings being unsatisfied in this city. It cannot happen here. Local folks say Montreal is really beautiful during the wintertime. Christmas fairytale landscapes are something ordinary. Just take a look at the picture below shot during the 2019 snowstorm.

Montreal after a snowstorm in 2019.
This is Montreal after the snowstorm in 2019. Although it wasn’t so romantic as it looks – it’s still an idyllic picture.

Ottawa, Ontario 

Ottawa is Canada’s capital. If you’ve payed little attention during the geography classes you already know that fact. According to some Ottawa beats Quebec City in the battle for the most European city in Canada. It’s also a place rich with history and culture. Want to hear a cool fact? Queen Victoria herself chose Ottawa as Canada’s capital in the 19th century. The Parliament building dating back to the same period resembles some of the most venerated historical buildings in Europe. Some say walking in Ottawa feels like being on a set of a Euro movie. Those who’ve visited Ottawa know this by heart.

The Parliament building in Ottawa, Ontario. Can you tell it’s in Canada?

St. John’s, Newfoundland

One of the most beautiful cities in North America – St. John’s clearly deserves a place on this list. On the banks of Newfoundland first European explorers set foot on North America. Of course, we’re talking about the Vikings. Although St. John’s will probably won’t inspire your Paris fantasies it will remind you of some other Europe. We’re talking about Ireland, for example. Or even Iceland because of St. John’s pretty facade colors. Anyway, once you’re settled in St. John’s you can count on expert movers if you decide to go elsewhere in Canada. They’ll make sure your stuff gets safely to wherever you picture it.

Almonte, Ontario

We’ve saved the best for last. To be fair – this isn’t a competition and there’s no need to be rude to the other cities on the list. Almonte might not be the best, but it has such a charm. Rare are those who would try to dispute it. Almonte, Ontario is a physical manifestation of the word cute. And if you’re a nature lover you won’t regret visiting Almonte. The city is surrounded by beautiful outdoor life so make sure you check it out if this sounds good to your nature-loving ears. It might not be the most popular place in Canada (you’ve probably heard about it just now) but Almonte is something every European ex-pat will adore. That being said – it’s one of the cities in Canada Europeans will like best.

And a few things before the end

So, there you have it. A list of the most European-looking place in Canada. Well, it’s not just the looks, of course. We’re talking about a certain way of life, a vibe, a way of looking at things. Canada looks more like Europe than it resembles its neighbor country. You can tell just by looking at the photos used in this article. These were the cities in Canada Europeans like best. Hopefully, you’ve had an informative and fun ride.

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