Best ways to reward your movers

Moving isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of physical work such as lifting, carrying, walking, climbing up, and down the stairs. This can really tire a person out. This is why people hire professional movers to help them move. And even though this is their job, it doesn’t mean that the movers aren’t exhausted after moving your whole household. At any time we have to be aware that these are also people with the same needs that we have. And since you hired them to help you, it would be a nice way to give back and to reward your movers. This is something that you should do no matter whether having a local or a long-distance move. And if you aren’t sure just what you can do to reward your movers, we are here to give you some ideas.


Alright, so a professional moving team is relocating your household. You are basically just standing around and monitoring what they are doing. A lot of people actually help their movers. This is also a nice way to reward your movers – by helping them out a little. It is never a bad thing to have an extra person carrying something heavy. And your movers will be very thankful if you do so. But this still isn’t a physical reward for their service.

Water bottles.
Prepare beverages in advance for your movers.

Offering water, juice, coffee, tea or anything similar is a nice way to give back to the people who are helping you. If moving during the summer, have a couple of bottles already prepared for them and stored in the fridge so they are nice and cold. Your movers will appreciate this.


An even nicer way to reward your movers is to prepare some food. You don’t have to prepare a full course meal, of course. Just preparing some sandwiches, cookies, brownies, or any type of finger food is going to be more than enough. These people work very hard to safely relocate everything that you own and as fast as possible. Preparing them a meal is a normal thing to do. It shouldn’t even be seen as a reward. We are all humans and it is important that you always remember that.

A meal as one of the ways to reward your movers.
Reward your movers with a nice meal.

A classic money tip is always welcome

And possibly the best way to reward your movers is to give them all a tip in the form of money. This is something they will surely appreciate. Their hard work helped you a lot and your tip can help them a lot. A lot of people avoid giving tips to movers because they feel they don’t have to as they paid for the service. But you also pay for service in a restaurant yet you still give a tip. This is one of the things you need to have in mind when moving.

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