Best residential areas for expats in Washington state

European expats can’t go wrong with Washington. The state has many opportunities, and many expats choose it because of this reason. However, you might wonder: which areas are the best for expats? Fortunately, for that exact reason, we have put together a list of best residential areas for expats in Washington state. Before youhire experts for your move, check out our list to make sure you choose right. We hope you find it informative.


Only a 25 minute ride away from Seattle proper, Bellevue is a thriving superb with much to offer. It offers a healthy economy, good food, amazing mountain views and beautiful parks. This spot is a favorite for expats due to it’s beautiful views and good job opportunities. However, if you’re considering moving there, you should remember the major changes for international moving when moving to America.

view of large mountain
Beautiful mountains and an excellent location make Bellevue a great choice.


Spokane is considered to be one of the best places to settle by expats in Washington state. It is a beautiful place with low cost of living, loads of opportunities and a thriving restaurant scene. The downtown area is vibrant, and it’s where most of the restaurants are. Additionally, Spokane boasts loads of pedestrian bridges and a riverfront park, it is an excellent spot for any walkers and runners.


For any expats interested in the tech industry, Redmond is famous as the home of Nintendo America and Microsoft. However, besides the tech side of things, Redmond has a lot to offer if you like the outdoors as well. There are many outdoor activities to do, and the city is incredibly bike friendly. Places such as the Farrel-Mcwhirter Loop Trail and the Idylwood beach park are only two of the beautiful locations to visit. However, experts from PortaBox Storage recommend trying to find a storage unit if you plan to live here, as most homes are small.

two people on the street
Beautiful parks and advanced tech make for an interesting contrast in Redmond


There are two reasons why Issaquah is a popular choice for expats and Americans alike: it is close to Seattle, Redmond and Bellevue, and it has some of the most beautiful mountain views in America. While the cost of life in Issaquah is slightly higher than the average in Washington state, the wages there make up for it. So, if you’re looking for good opportunities as well as proximity to bigger cities, Issaquah is where you should be.

West Seattle

West Seattle is the place to go if you’re looking to live with a laid back attitude. This residential area is home to a lot of professionals and retirees, and has access to beautiful nature, community-centric activities and parks. It is safe, and quality of life here is quite high. However, if you plan on living here, you should consider finding a safe solution for excess items as soon as possible.

Mercer Island

Mercer island has been voted the best place to live in Washington state. It is considered to be the most peaceful, safe and clean place in the state. In addition, it is one of the richest places in Washington State, only adding to the reasons why it’s the best place to be in Washington State. Expats coming to Mercer Island can also see many beautiful art galleries, parks and four beaches.


Washington State is home to a lot of places which are expat friendly. There are many opportunities to be found here, both when it comes to jobs and enjoyment. Although, when moving to America, you should be prepared for the post-move paperwork you need to deal with. We hope you found this list of best residential areas for expats in Washington state helpful, and we wish you luck.

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