Best places near Atlanta ranked by European families

If you have in mind relocating from Europe to the United States with your whole family, then you should do detailed research on the locations in this country that fulfill all your needs and wishes. Here, you will read something about the best places near Atlanta that European families find great for people with children. Each of these locations is unique and has to offer many things to all who decide to move there.

Johns Creek

The very first place on our list is Johns Creek, a suburb where many very nice and accepting people live. According to Europeans, it is perfect for families because it has schools that are highly ranked, it is diverse, and it has to offer very good housing options. Here, you can find houses in different styles and sizes, therefore we recommend hiring an agent to help you choose the best of the best for your family members and yourself.

Pencils in different colors.
Johns Creek has many good schools and parents are satisfied with all opportunities their children have here.

Professional movers will be necessary when relocating to one of the locations near Atlanta

When moving from Europe to Atlanta, you will need professional help. Therefore, make sure to find and hire experts in this field who are offering all the services that you need, like furniture moving, storage services, and others. We recommend checking out Safari Movers Atlanta for the start.


The second place in Atlanta that people from Europe highly recommend raising a family in is Milton. It has to offer everything that a family needs: excellent educational opportunities, both public and private, wonderful weather, amazing houses, and safety. Many Europeans claim that students in Milton are highly motivated and willing to succeed in the academic field. They also praise it for its incredible atmosphere and diversity, which is of great importance for the quality of living in any place.

Milton is one of the best places near Atlanta.
Milton has amazing houses for families according to people from Europe.

Norcross is one of the best places near Atlanta ranked by European families

The third place near Atlanta is Norcross, and it is well-known for its very polite and welcoming community. Moreover, Norcross is one of the best places for people with kids and many Europeans choose to relocate here with their loved ones. Homes in Norcross are amazing, especially the single-family houses with spacious backyards and magical gardens. If you team up with skilled neighbors, moving into our new home in Norcross will not be so difficult. With reliable people by your side, you will not have to worry or even think bout junk removal, packing, and many other tiresome tasks that relocation carries with it.

Berkeley Lake

The fourth suburb that we highly recommend, and that Europeans love is Berkeley Lake. This place has a rural vibe, very cozy cafes, and excellent restaurants. People who have children are moving here because of the very good schools, while European retirees love beautiful parks. The weather in Berkeley Lake is not bad, and there are plenty of outdoor activities that can occupy your free time if you move here. Moreover, there are many nice stores where you can shop and, most importantly, people who spend their childhoods here are very satisfied and still have the same close friends as before.

A tree in a park.
Berkeley Lake has very beautiful parks perfect both for people with small kids and seniors.

Decatur is among the best places near Atlanta where you can move with your family

The fifth location is Decatur, a suburb that has good job opportunities and attracts many new people. This place has highly-rated schools, many locations for outdoor activities, exciting nightlife, and a high level of diversity. Residents are liberal, while houses in Decatur are very pretty and practical at the same time. Moreover, it is very near Atlanta and very quiet, which many people love about it.


The sixth place that Europeans like living in is Tyrone. Excellent job opportunities for many different professionals, great educational opportunities, beautiful homes, and diversity attract many. The weather in Tyrone is pleasant, the nightlife is present, and crime rates are low. The vibe of this suburb is rural, and the majority of people own their houses instead of renting. Families will never be bored if they move here because there are many opportunities for physical activity and family dinners at wonderful restaurants.

Sugar Hill is one of the best places near Atlanta for family life

Europeans also love Sugar Hill and many move here because of job offers. Importantly, this Atlanta suburb has schools that satisfy the majority of parents because of all opportunities they offer for education and growth. Housing options here are highly-rated, including diversity and outdoor activities. Thanks to many nice parks you will have where to walk your dog and play with your kids. Or simply read a book on a bench and relax during warm days. Sugar Hills is becoming more urban every day, which means more and more job opportunities for everyone.


Finally, to conclude, we mentioned some of the best places near Atlanta according to European families. All of them have good job opportunities, excellent schools, a high level of diversity, and wonderful houses. No matter which of these places you choose to live in with your loved ones you will not regret your decision. For they all are great for outdoor activities, have many restaurants and coffee shops, and are safe. The weather is pleasant, and there are many positive reviews from people who spent their childhood in one of these places. So, do not waste your time and hire moving experts to help you with your relocation from Europe to the Atlanta area as soon as possible.

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