Best places in Northamptonshire to raise a family

Moving to Europe has always been popular. Simply, Europe has beautiful states for living and there are plenty of places that you can discover. Here, we will talk about England. To be more specific, we will present you with some of the best places in Northamptonshire to raise a family. This county has a huge population of over 747,000 people and a lot of great places for a living. But, when we talk about raising a family, there are certain locations that you should consider experiencing with yours!

A list of best places in Northamptonshire to raise a family

So, what are the interesting places where you can live with your family? We will now present you with the most popular and major ones:

  • Brixworth.- The first one from the list of the best places in Northamptonshire to raise a family is Brixworth. This charming and beautiful place has good public schools and suitable places for a living. Just check out the real estate trends in Europe and find a suitable home. Also, Brixworth has beautiful nature and it is near Northampton.
  • Daventry.- Charming and historical place where you will find peace with your family. The population is over 25,000 people. There is the beautiful Daventry Country Park, museums, places for children, etc. In other words, Daventry is a suitable place for raising a family where you can always experience something new!
  • Weedon. – Known as industrial place, Weedon is home to only slightly over 2,700 people. However, this small yet very charming place will definitely give your family a peace. The community in Weedon is friendly, great activities, good schools, etc. To say it in simple words, in Weedon you can find everything for a family lifestyle!
  • Earls Barton. – With a population of over 5,000 people, Earls Barton is the last one on our list. This small place is perfect for wine lovers! In the surronding area, you can find quality vineyards. Other benefits that you can get from this charming place are parks, museums, kartings, indoor play areas, and many other places. Also, there are good options in the real estate market.

All these places are small, charming, and suitable for families. Now, what else should you know about Northamptonshire that can help you to organize your lifestyle in a better way?

A classroom in Brixwoth, one of the best places in Northamtponshire to raise a family.
Brixworth has good public schools.

You can find quality storage options in Northamptonshire

One of the great things that you can find near all these places is a storage unit. You never know when you are going to need a place where you can keep all your belongings safe and secure. For instance, if you are planning to improve your home at some point or when you are organizing the moving process, renting a storage unit will help you a lot. In other words, it is useful to have a solution that comes in handy. You just have to define the exact number of the belongings that you are planning to store, so you can find the right size of a storage unit. Also, remember to keep your belongings safe and secure. The best way to achieve it is to gather the appropriate packing supplies for all your items.

You can keep your belongings safe and secure.

All these best places in Northamptonshire to raise a family are suitable for a living

To make a conclusion, no matter which one from the list of the best places in Northamptonshire to raise a family you choose, be sure that you are going to love it. Each of these places is suitable for a living, especially for families. So, think wisely about which of these options is the most suitable for your family and you. After that, start the moving process and have a great and magnificent new beginning!

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