Best places in Europe to retire

Are you retiring soon and want to make changes in your life. Now finally, you have time to explore the world and to try new things. You raised kids, worked hard, it is time to enjoy and relax. Many Americans dream about living in Europe, but career and kids are stopping them. You have time now so find places in Europe to retire and move there. It doesn’t have to be for good. Move there for a year or two.

The list of top places in Europe to retire

When moving to Europe from the USA there is a lot to consider and to take care of. One of the choices to make is to pick the right place in Europe to move to. Some of the cities are perfect for young professionals, some of them are perfect for art and fashion, but Europe has places that are perfect for baby boomers. We chose one city in some of the states.

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Move alone, or with your significant other to Europe and explore it together
  • Aix-en-Provence, France – located in south France, and near the Mediterranean Sea and Marseille, a large city. Provence is a small and romantic place where you can enjoy eating cheese and drinking wine.
  • Alicante, Spain – Alicante is home to more than 340,000 people and they are friendly. Costs of living are affordable and it has a lot to offer to older and younger residents and tourists.
  • Basilicata, Italy – Home of pizza and pasta, Italy is definitely one of the places in Europe everyone should visit. It has high costs of living, but only if you choose cities such as Rome, Florence or Milan. But, Basilicata is one of the affordable places to live in.
  • Porto, Portugal – Porto is a combination of traditional and modern. Living here will bring you a lot of opportunities and the airport is near, so you can visit other cities in Europe.
  • Valletta, Malta – If you more prefer living on the island, then Malta is the state for you and Valletta is the city perfect for retires.
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia – Heart of central Europe, so everything will be near, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Montenegro, Greece. This small capital has charm, lakes, and small sea beach.

Find a company to help you move to Europe

To prepare for moving you should get help from professionals because overseas moves are complexed and hard. Book a long-distance moving company that can move all your items from the USA to Europe successfully. A company must have a license and insurance.

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Finally, retirement is here. Make changes in your life and try things you always wanted to try

These were just some of the places in Europe to retire, and you should explore more. It is a big step. Lifestyle in Europe is different and unique. Probably you will experience a culture shock. Your kids will be so jealous of you and your new life in Europe. They can come to visit you, so don’t worry about them.

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