Benefits of moving to the U.S. for addiction recovery

There is no question that drug or alcohol addiction is a serious problem for many people. All over the world, many people face this issue and seek rehabilitation in one way or the other. Usually, this recovery demands a detachment from the environment where the addiction first developed. This is why many therapists advise moving away. Sometimes it can be to another town, state, or even overseas. Although there are considerable social differences to get used to many people from Europe with this type of problem choose to move to the USA for rehab. There are many reasons to do so. This is where we can point out some of the benefits of moving to the U.S. for addiction recovery.

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Moving for addiction recovery

If you are wondering if people in rehab are even suitable for getting a visa and moving to the US the answer is they are. People that are addicted or in the rehabilitation stage are classified as having Class A or Class B medical conditions. A drug addict or abuser that is in remission is classified as having Class B medical conditions are eligible to move to the US. This opens a world of possibilities for addiction recovery in the States and the increased volume of international moves from Europe.

Doctor and patient talking
With many rehabilitation programs, the US has a lot to offer

In short, there are many addiction recovery programs that are private and state-financed that the US offers. Plenty of states have great recovery programs that are often the reason for people moving in even from Europe. The states that offer the best conditions for recovery and have the best recovery numbers are:

  • Alaska
  • Wyoming
  • Montana
  • Vermont
  • North Dakota
  • Idaho
  • Maine
  • Kansas
  • New Mexico
  • Florida

Addiction recovery in the US

With many people moving to the U.S. for addiction recovery, it is important to point out the benefits of such a move. It is also important to see the different treatments these facilities provide. So, first of all, we should see about starting recovery and the need and main benefit of addiction moving for recovery.

Starting recovery

Starting on a path of rehabilitation is not easy. It demands a lot of expert help and advice. With proper information and knowledge and professional assistance, you can make some good and educated choices about the process. Luckily there are many different programs for addiction rehabilitation offering different treatments and therapies. Many clinics and centers offer holistic programs, group and family therapy, and even PTSD therapy. Their main trait is to engage the patient and keep him interested in the process. Maintaining sobriety is not easy and relapses can be common. So, the trick is to build the patient’s motivation for rehabilitation.

These clinics usually provide a mixture of different therapies to provide the best results possible. It is up to the family or the patient to be informed about the programs so they can make the right decision. Here it is important to choose the program and therapy that will fit the need of the patient the most.

A man with a suitcase walking away
For many patients, moving away is the most important step in their addiction recovery

Moving for recovery – the need and benefit

As part of assessing what is needed for patients’ addiction recovery, it is wise to consider moving. Whether drug or alcohol addiction the environment can significantly influence it and keep the patient trapped. Detaching him from such a bad influence is a disable. Moving away and changing the scenery can be the right and best decision you can make. Moving away from the triggers of bad behavior may be the key to recovery. So, it is highly advisable for patients and sometimes whole families to move. This relocation, although hard, complex, and uncomfortable can be a step in the right direction. However, with some good tips and preparation moving for addiction recovery does not have to be that hard.

Getting away from the bad environment can help you focus on the recovery process. A move will also put the patient in a position in which he no longer has the option of falling back into old habits, crowds, and environments. This is particularly important in the outpatient rehabilitation stage when the patient is quite vulnerable. With all this in mind let’s see about the differences between Inpatient and Outpatient rehabilitation.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient or residential rehabilitation are programs where the patient is required to spend all of his time in the recovery center. This means that he is under 24h scrutiny in a facility for a specified period of time. Usually, patients spend a fixed time at the clinics and the time frame may range from 30 to 60 or 90 days. During this time the patient undergoes different types of therapy and treatment. It may be psychological therapy, behavioral therapy, or drug detox. The point here is for the patient to be detached from his natural environment and put in a controlled set of circumstances and set schedule. This schedule may cover everything from his meals, therapy sessions, activities, etc. This form of therapy demands continuous presence from a patient that assumes that the patient must move to the facility.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation is a form of therapy that comes after inpatient recovery. It is a step forward toward resuming normal life after rehabilitation. This means that a patient receives treatment at a hospital without a need to stay in the facility. At this point, as a patient, you are taking a step forward to reclaim the life you deserve after addiction. The outpatient programs in Florida have much success in addiction recovery. These are also combined with sober homes. patients tend to go into sober homes that provide a nurturing environment in their recovery phase. Patients here still have counseling and therapy sessions when needed that provide support in their final steps of recovery. This is a transitional phase toward resuming normal life free of addiction.

sticker on the wall suggesting recovery is worth it moving to the U.S for addiction recovery
Do not hesitate to move from a toxic environment to start your path to recovery

Moving to the U.S. for addiction recovery can save your life

Moving for rehabilitation and recovery is not new. It is usually a recommendation from professionals. So, when starting this process be clear that there are many benefits of moving and especially for moving to the U.S. for addiction recovery. The programs that cover both inpatient and outpatient recovery here are great and have a lot of potentials. So, just do some research and find the clinic, program and the right movers that will help you the most.

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