Being an expat in North Carolina

North Carolina is a state that is located on the southeastern end of America, and as it is, it attracts expats for some time now. And there are several reasons for this occurrence. For starters, it’s an ideal environment for anyone really. It has a solid quality of living, schools are good, and houses are affordable. One more thing on the plus side is that there are many leisure activities that you can take on here. The main expat destinations are Charlotte and Raleigh as those are the two biggest cities in NC. Many students consider this state as an ideal place for studying abroad. It’s simply a great entrance for the U.S., and when you see all of it, the only question that you’ll ask yourself is ”Why don’t I live here already?”. So dive in to find out what you can expect of being an expat in North Carolina.

The climate in North Carolina

Usually, when people make long-distance moves they’re concerned about how they will adjust to another country, especially to a new climate. And with this state, you really don’t have to worry that much. The temperatures here are moderate during all four seasons. The annual average low is about 8 degrees while the average high goes up to 27 degrees celsius. When it comes to annual rainfall it varies across the state quite a lot. We’ll just say that if you’re moving from the U.K. and you feel fed up with all the rain, try to be as close to the coast as you can.

Road in North Carolina.
Being an expat in North Carolina brings with it beautiful weather to enjoy the perfect scenery.

What cities should you choose for being an expat in North Carolina

As we already mentioned, the most popular expat cities in North Carolina are Raleigh and Charlotte. However, we’ll add Greensboro on our list here as those three cities have what you want to see in a city. And we’re talking vibrant downtowns, many nice restaurants, and a number of galleries and museums. Another good thing about these towns is that suburban communities are actually very close to all the city goodness.

When you want to run away from the rain, we recommend Wilmington. Since it is a city on the coast, it offers access to a few fantastic beaches. There are also many beautiful quaint towns nearby such as Sunset Beach and Wrightsville. So if you need to change your NC address, we highly advise considering this coastal region.

Top employers in North Carolina

Being an expat in North Carolina can be very tough if you don’t have a job. Luckily, there are many companies and businesses sprinkled all across the state. Many of them are globe renowned like IBM, Smithfield Foods, and GlaxoSmithKline. These companies provide a lot of work opportunities regardless of your branch. There are job offers in the industrial machinery business, chemicals, food products, textile mill products. They also make a lot of transportation equipment here so that’s another one.

If you have an idea to start a business here or you want to perform a business relocation, your best bet would probably be Charlotte. Its’ finance industry is supported by the Bank of America as well as by Wells Fargo. Support for small business owners is strong and provided by both private and government organizations.

Woman working on a startup while being an expat in North Carolina.
There’s plenty of work in North Carolina so finding a job shouldn’t be a problem.

Cost of living

Now the cost of living in NC can vary a lot depending on your needs and wants. It depends largely on the part of the state that you choose and on the size of your desired home. The median price to buy a house here is about $175,000 and if you want to rent, the average price would be around $1000 for a two-bedroom flat, which is not that much different from any Europe city.

However, we advise you to find a place of living before you start your relocation as it might not be as easy as you imagine. Read all the tips for moving across the country and set to work.

Leisure activities

After you have read all the moving tips for expats and finally finished with your relocation, you’ll want some leisure time for sure. Luckily, there are many things that you can do in North Carolina.

If you’re an enthusiast for outdoor activities you’ll enjoy state parks, rivers, and lakes very much. Many of them offer organized tours of hiking, canoeing or biking. If you choose Charlotte to be your new home you’ll have access to US National Whitewater Center. It offers kayaking, rafting, and rock climbing, so there’s no wonder why this place is so popular with the locals.

For all the art lovers, there are both professional and amateur theatres alongside with a lot of music clubs and dance bars. And don’t you worry, all big music acts have their stop in North Carolina and perform in largest city venues.

In the mountain region of the state, there are many vineyards. So naturally, wine tasting events are incredibly popular here. There are also cideries that specialize in craft beers, so if that is your thing you won’t be left out either.

For some quality family time, we would definitely recommend looking for festivals and fairs. For instance, the Carolina Balloon Festival in Statesville is a fantastic opportunity to spend a day outside ballooning with your beloved ones.

Hot air balloons in the sky.
What can be a better family time than watching and riding hot air balloons?

North Carolina Transportation

It is strongly suggested to have your own car when living in North Carolina. Routes 40, 77, 85, and 95 are all going through this state and they’re part of the interstate system. On the other hand, if you want to take public transport, you can. Passenger trains operate daily and they run from Raleigh to Charlotte and vice versa with seven stops between them.

Another important thing to mention is the NCDOT ferry. It transports over 850,000 vehicles and over two million passengers every year. Currently, it is the second-largest state-run ferry in America.

Schools in North Carolina

There are sixteen colleges and universities in North Carolina. All of them have campuses in pretty much any part of the state. There are also many private schools like Duke University and Wake Forest University located in this state. Most of the scholars here choose education in areas of accounting, financing, engineering, nursing, and maybe surprisingly motorsports. So if your main worry about being an expat in North Carolina is to ensure the future for your children, look no further. You’ve found your place.

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