Amazing tourist destinations in Seattle for everyone’s budget

Seattle is a place to be in the North West. This city is one of many on the west coast offering plenty of things to do and see. It is the capital of entertainment, culture, and nature. Seattle has a lot to offer and plenty of interesting things to provide to both locals and visitors. So, whether you are considering a move here or just visiting you will appreciate a list of amazing tourist destinations in Seattle to know about. They all add to the feel of the city which makes it one of the best areas that welcome ex-pats from all over. Whether you are looking for outdoor fun or urban adventure Seattle has it all.

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About what Seattle has to offer.

Surely, Seattle is best known for its space Needle. However, this is a place of rich and diverse offerings. It is full of great tourist attractions and fun things to do. If you are a resident you will also be able to enjoy some of the most amazing tourist destinations in Seattle and have fun doing it. If you are into moving to Seattle with first be sure to find out more about this great city and what it has to offer.

Person sitting at a Pikes Place Market station
Do not miss this eclectic location in Seattle

Besides the Space Needle, Seattle offers plenty of other attractions. From great parks to the waterfront, museums, art galleries, markets, and squares, ZOOs in Seattle has it all. So, let’s explore a bit and make a list of the best things to see.

  • Seattle Center and Space Needle
  • Pike Place Market
  • Discovery Park
  • Pioneer Square Historic District
  • Seattle Art Museum
  • Museum of Pop Culture

Seattle Center and Space Needle

The center and space needle was built in 1962 for the world fair. This complex has since then become the staple of Seattle and the most iconic view of the city. Today this center is a place of entertainment that includes theaters, restaurants, sports facilities, and a park. Climbing up the Space Needle and taking a 360-degree look at the city and surrounding area is one of the greatest experiences you can have in Seattle with your friends. To many visitors, this is the first stop in the experience of this big city.

Pikes Place Market

A bustling center of the city is the picturesque Pikes Place Market. This waterfront location is bustling with local traders and visitors looking to some in the spirit of the open market in Seattle. This is an iconic place that offers a lot and almost anything you might want. You can buy any sort of fresh food fruit and vegetables here. In addition, the Market is home to a number of shops offering antiques, collectibles, and bookshops. This is also a location that houses a craft market featuring products from over 200 local producers. This market is in the downtown area offering easy access to many other nearby locations.

Discovery Park

If you are up for some outdoor activities and an escape from the city then Discovery Park is the place for you. Located west of Downtown it offers a 550-acre of waterfront, and some of the best beaches, meadows, and forests in the area. Some of the best trails here are Loop trail and Beach Trails while there are many great photographic hotspots. One popular location is the West Point Lighthouse offering a great view of the park and surrounding area. The park also offers a view of the Olimpic Mountains which is a great photo opportunity for visitors.

Pioneer Square Historic District is among the Amazing tourist destinations in Seattle
Make sure to visit this iconic Seattle location

Pioneer Square Historic District

This part of the city is the historical heart of Seattle. This place is marked with a totem pole that is 600 feet high. This is a place of victorian era buildings with the Smiths Tower standing out with its impressive size. From here you can take a look at the historical heart of the cost. At the same time, you can visit Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park which is in the same neighborhood. This park honors the gold prospectors that surged the Yukon river during the gold rush. To get a little more info on the City and its history you can also take an Underground Tour to explore more of the cites history pre and post the great Seattle fire of 1889.

Seattle Art Museum

Known as SAM this museum is located downtown. It hosts a large collection of world-renowned art and has a large number of must-see exhibits. There is a permanent exhibit on native American, European and Islamic Art as well as many rotating exhibits. At the same time, the museum also operates and is in charge of the Olympic Sculpture Park as well as the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

Museum of Pop Culture

Located in the Seattle Center but an attraction on its own is the Museum of Pop Culture well known as the MoPOP. this museum offers an unprecedented view into developing modern culture and its impact on the world. The museum hosts a few permanent displays as well as a number of artifacts including clothes, costumes, instruments, and memorabilia. The pop museum is known for its exhibit about the band Nirvana as well as the exhibits about the Horror and Sci-Fy genre.

Museum of pop culture
A part of Seattle Center this is one of tourist destinations in Seattle.

With all this knowledge about Seattle and its amazing tourist attraction, it is clear that it is a great place to visit. At the same time, it is a place of culture and history that draws people to move in. If you find this city attractive consider settling in here. With proper moving organization and adequate moving help, you can have your stuff easily delivered to Seattle in no time. making it easy for you to settle into this great city fast and without too much stress.

In short – a final word on tourist destinations in Seattle

Seattle is not only a great place to live and settle down but also a great tourist destination. With many amazing tourist destinations in Seattle, this is a place that easily draws many visitors in. So, come and visit to get a taste of this city. You might just wish to move here and enjoy it every day.

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