Advice for a successful military move

Peak moving season is filled with PCS moves. It is common for military employees and their families to move several times in their lifetime, so if you are one of them, you need to be prepared for moving. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, or you have kids and a big family, a military move can be pretty rough. However, if you prepare well and follow our tips, you will be able to conduct a successful military move and save your energy for days to come after it.

Preparation for a successful military move

For a successful military move, early preparation is necessary. Whether if you are moving by yourself or hiring a moving company, you need to make a realistic schedule that will not only include time, but also finances, space, and other obligations. Use Plan My Move to track your moving process easier.

A notebook for planning.
Planning is essential for a successful military move.

Do you really need to move everything?

A successful military move is a quick and easy move. However, if you are moving way too many items, it won’t be stress-free at all. Go through your items and rationalize what are the things you don’t really need. Keeping only the essentials will help a lot if you are a family that is moving often. Furthermore, you can save a lot of space and money if you get rid of the items you don’t really need. If you are wondering what to do with the items you don’t want to do you should consider:

  • selling online – try websites like Craigslist and see if you can sell your items
  • a garage sale – perfect way to say goodbye to your neighbors, too.
  • donation – if you can donate some items to charity, it would be great!
  • recycling – old papers, boxes, plastic can always be recycled to save the environment, instead of simply throwing them away.

Good organization is everything

While decluttering is important, organization is necessary. It is best to pack systematically, room by room. Also, be sure to put the similar items together in the boxes. Furthermore, each box should be clearly labeled – write what’s inside and which room it goes to. This way, movers will load and unload your items more quickly and put them in appropriate rooms.

Use markers and labels for your boxes to ensure a successful military move.
for a successful military move, be sure to label and organize your moving boxes.

You need the expertise of trustworthy movers

Hiring a moving company you can trust is essential and a key to successful military move. Our suggestion is – a reliable moving company that can handle all your particular moving requirements and makes your PCS move smooth and easy. Moving is a stressful process and sometimes it is not possible to DIY everything. That’s why a professional helping hand is a good idea so you can save time and energy for adjusting to the new location and helping your kids do the same.

Use your benefits

Every person that has to conduct a successful military move is entitled to certain PCS benefits. Be sure to check what are the things you can use when relocating. Usually, you can get storage for your goods, travel allowance, per diem allowance, etc. PCS can be expensive, so be sure to use everything you can to make it easier and more affordable.

Prepare your documents

All of the items in your home are important, but documents are something you need to have in one place and always handy. Start the preparation on time and use a binder to fill it with all the important documents. Be sure to include your personal documents, your kids’ school papers, and, if you have a pet, prepare its documents, too. Make sure to have that binder handy at all times.

Put yourself on the list

It is important to apply for the waiting lines like Military Housing List and Childcare List. Be sure to do that in advance, check which housing you can apply for and do it quickly.

Update your address

The first thing you need to do after your successful military move is to update your address where it’s necessary. You need to adapt to life in a new country. It is important to get your mail, packages and other deliveries to the right home. Also be sure to update your contact information on shopping websites like Amazon, and cancel (or update) any subscriptions.

Map out your relocation and remember to chance the address with USPS.
Update your address after the move.

Be ready for the moving inspection

It is important to be ready for the Military housing inspection. Be sure to make an inventory of your home and see if you need to repair anything around the house. Do that on time, so you don’t pay any extra fees.

Be ready for the movers

When movers arrive at your home, it is important to prepare everything so they can start their work as soon as possible. Be sure to have all the items and boxes ready and organized, room-by-room. Show them everything that needs to be moved and let them do their work.

Save the receipts

It is essential that you keep receipts of all your expenses so you can refund those costs later with the military refunds and benefits. We advise that you keep them in one binder or a box, and have them in one place.

Help yourself and your kids settle to your new environment

Every change is difficult, especially for kids. They are changing school, saying goodbye to their childhood friends and all of that can be hard on them. Give them time to understand what happened and help them adjust. Go around the neighborhood or take a tour of your new city. Meet your new home and see what are the fun things you can do during your first week. Wherever you are moving, the change is the same. However, if you think that moving to Charleston is the right thing, be sure to hire the best movers so you can have more time to adjust and enjoy with your kids.

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