6 things every foreigner needs to know about NYC before the move

Many people all around the globe dream about coming to NYC to stay. Being a Big Apple’s citizen brings many merits. New career possibilities, exciting experiences, interesting acquaintances. And, if America is promised land, New York can easily be a city where dreams come true. But, of course, it’s not always like that. When you come there from some other country, being a tiny fish in the whole ocean of New York streets brings some challenges too. Its lifestyle can sometimes be the complete opposite of the one back home. That’s why we decided to present to you 6 things every foreigner needs to know about NYC before the move.

1. Living there will cost you money

Every state in the world has its own living standards. In some, you will need less, and in some more money to survive. NYC definitely belongs to the latter. Living costs there are high, indeed. Starting from rent and bills, to buying groceries, and paying a taxi, you will need to work hard to live on a budget. Not to mention the moving expenses you’ll face right at the beginning. Things won’t be easy, that’s for sure. But once you deal with the initial shock, and stop complaining about the prices, you’ll know you are ready to become a real New Yorker.

A girl is holding some dollar banknotes to cope with NYC lifestyle as one of the things every foreigner needs to know about NYC is that living here costs a lot.
Make some savings in advance.

2. Accommodation

Like everything else in NYC accommodation can also be pretty expensive. However, depending on what part of NYC you choose to live in, rents vary as well. Manhattan rents are far among the highest ones. In some cases, you’ll need to pay almost $2,000 every month. But, there is one more thing. Even though you give a considerable sum, you can’t expect luxury. It’s not a rare case to get a place where your shower and your kitchen are exactly in the same room. Well, yes, it may sound crazy, but that’s the reality. The thing is that in NYC you actually pay for the location, not the accommodation itself. Finding a small but decent place is a jackpot.

And if you have some extra belongings you don’t know what to do with, don’t worry. Storage units are an excellent solution. However, here, you should always be careful when choosing a unit, since its type depends on your situation, or what items you are going to store.

3. About the competition and opportunities

It is true that New York City offers plenty and various opportunities no matter what is your sphere of interest or your occupation. But, you shouldn’t forget that you are not the only one chasing your dreams there. In this Concrete Jungle, there are hundreds of people like you, and the competition is fierce. That doesn’t mean you should lose your faith right at the beginning, but you should definitely get ready to fight to get your place in the NYC sun.

If you, for example, want to relocate your office or to set a branch office in NYC, it would be nice if you make a little research on the market and get to know the competitors. It’ll be much easier if you know what to expect. The possibilities are enormous, but you need to learn how to play smart.

A person is playing chess.
Make a good move and be competitive.

4. Get ready for the rush

Everyone who is used to going everywhere on foot should immediately forget about that. NYC is a huge place, its streets are like a hive, and people are in constant motion. Crowds are everywhere and you may need a lot of time to get from one point to another, no matter how close it seems to you. Since owning a car in NYC means dealing with angry drivers and a constant lack of parking space, using public transit is the best choice. Take the subway, get an Uber car, or the good old yellow cab. But, here again, you will need a lot of patience, since traffic jams and delays are something you’ll meet on daily basis.

And, when we talk about the transportation during the move, be sure that conducting it all by yourself will be a complete nightmare. So, don’t even bother thinking about it. Visit usantini.com instead, and let the professionals do all the work for you.

There is a crowded street during night as busy streets are one of the things every foreigner needs to know about NYC before the move.
NYC is everything but a quiet and lonely place.

5. You may feel lonely sometimes

Feeling lonely in a city like New York is nothing unusual. Especially if you’re a newcomer. And that’s one of the 6 things every foreigner needs to know about NYC before the move.

You’ve just left all your friends and family members and come to life in a new place. The first thing you should do is to get to know the city itself. Move around, and be open to meet someone new. NYC is full of people just like you. Staying at home imprisoned between four walls will bring you no good. Also, stay in contact with all your friends back home, and keep talking about your new life. They may suddenly remember some NYC newcomers they can help you get in touch with.

6. And finally the residents

Yes, we know you feel homesick most of the time, and the last thing you need is some angry New Yorker screaming at you. But, people in New York are busy, and they are constantly running around worried about their own problems. And, like in every other country, you will inevitably run into some rude and unwelcoming people. But, you’ll meet some kind and friendly, too. Just get ready for it, and don’t get it personally.

Now, when you have read these 6 things every foreigner needs to know about NYC before the move, we think you are ready to go. It’s going to be a challenging life trip, but we’re sure it will be worth it. And, when you get tips like these, it’ll be at least a bit easier.

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