6 reasons to visit Nevada this year

Visiting as many places as you can is always a good thing to do. See as much of this world as you possibly can while you can as it is full of beautiful places, wonderful sights, and nice people that you just have to meet. You can use all of these words to describe Nevada. It is a state with plenty of places where we believe you should go. You can choose between plenty of different fun activities here. These are just some of the reasons to visit Nevada not just this year but any time you have the chance to do so. So, if planning on having a tour around the United States but are not sure which states to include, here is where you will read just six reasons to visit Nevada. There surely are a lot more but we believe that these six that you can read below are more than enough to make you want to pack up and go to Nevada.

Be aware of this, though – a lot of people actually end up moving to Nevada after visiting it for the first time. This is sole because Nevada isn’t considered a good place to live in by many as it is located in the desert and not a lot of them actually know what living here is like. But living in the desert is not as bad as one might think, especially if the desert is Nevada! There are plenty of advantages that living in Nevada has that not a lot of people seem to know of. It all becomes clear after visiting this amazing state. So, bear in mind that you might start thinking about relocation after your stay here.

The Burning Man Festival, Gerlach

If you are somebody who loves to meet new people and do new things, you have to visit Nevada. There are plenty of things to do and see here. But now is the perfect time to mention the Burning Man Festival. It is held in the desert and it lasts for seven days. This is a world-famous festival that usually starts on the last Monday in August and ends an experiment with art and self-expression among people of all ages and it became one of the biggest festivals in the world.

There are plenty of things to see in Nevada, an amazing festival is just one of them.

Like every festival, The Burning Man has lots of music performances. But that is not the only thing that there is to find here. Plenty of interesting art installations and workshops are there as well. If you are an artist yourself, you can have an installation too. People from all over the world come to visit the festival which is a great chance to meet new people and spread the word about your work and have lots of fun.

Las Vegas

Surely one of the reasons to visit Nevada is having a chance to go to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the most popular city in the state and it is known among people wherever you go. It is one of the biggest party cities in the world. There are casinos, bars, clubs, restaurants, theatres, and so much more here. Luxurious houses of the rich and famous, five-star hotels, and big shopping malls are just a few reasons more why this place is so popular.

Even though Las Vegas is popular and luxurious, it isn’t such an expensive place to live in. A lot of people seem to think that it is. You also have to take out the time to get to know Las Vegas by day. It is a completely different city by day and night. If you are thinking about relocation to Nevada, you have to make an educated decision on where in Nevada you will be moving to. There are plenty of great things about living here but some bad ones as well.

Las Vegas.
Beautiful both by day and night.


Living in a big city means that you have limited access to the stars in the sky. If you want to have a chance to see the starry night in its full potential, go to Tonopah. This is a place in the desert environment which are known for being the best for stargazing. By sitting in Tonopah, you will be able to see the Milky Way clearly as well as more than 7,000 stars in the sky. If you end up moving to Las Vegas with Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, this place is located just 215 miles away.

Lake Tahoe

West of Carson City is the largest alpine lake in the country that goes by the name Tahoe. This is the perfect place for those of you who enjoy Native vacations. Here is where you can go mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding in the winter, and sailing in the summertime. Adventure seekers will love this place! Lake Tahoe is mostly popular for its crystal clear water and rock formations that are rarely seen.

Lake Tahoe
Surely a place to visit with your family if in Nevada.

Fly Geyser

Unfortunately, one of the less known attractions is the Fly Geyser. Hot geothermal waters created this amazing Geyser where once was a man-made well. Words can’t describe how this phenomenon looks, you just have to go and see it yourself.

Mount Charleston

If you want to cool down during the summer, Mount Charleston is the place to go. This is a place where hiking can lead to spotting wildlife such as desert tortoises, wild horses, deer, and wild burros. This is not a very common sight anywhere else in the world which makes this place worth visiting. Having easy access to places like these is one of the reasons to retire in Nevada. Plenty of people do so.

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