5 things real estate agents won’t tell you

Never underestimate the power of proper planning. Start your moving journey with some tips on how to prepare for moving. Here is a list of the 5 things real estate agents won’t tell you and which you normally have to figure out all by yourself.

“Getting rid of the furniture won`t mean any extra points.”

The most common mistake that sellers usually make is taking the furniture out of the house, in the desperate attempt to make it seem bigger. They are also stating that the future owners are going to probably want to bring their own preference of furniture. That is actually far away from the truth. The buyers defnitely need to visualize their future home and imagination won`t help them too much on that endeavour.

Hallway with two paintings and one lamp next to the wooden stairs.
Tidying your home a bit before the potential buyers come to see it is definitely going to mean some extra points.

“Selling on your own is not going to work as you might think it will.”

Even though you might fall into the temptation of trying to sell all by yourself, you must know that there are so many documents that need to be taken care of. These activities are time-consuing. You might realize that long-term you lost more than you think, so don`t be stingy in this very moment of your journey. Learn when is the best time to contact moving professionals and don`t have second thoughts hiring a professional broker.

“You might be overestimating the price of your home.”

The third of the 5 things real estate agents won’t tell you is maybe one of the most common ones. And alsso the most important, as it`s going to translate itself into the number of potential clients that you might or might not have.

“Tidy your home a bit, will ya?”

So we stated earlier that you shouldn`t be taking the furniture away from your home. But this doesn`t mean that things should be hanging around in an unorderly manner as this is one of the home selling mistakes you can avoid with ease. Tidy everything in your rooms, for your potential buyers to see how neat it can all look as long as they are taking good care of it. It will also provide a professional look on the seller (which is you). SO try and don`t look messy on the day that counts the most.

“Your house is too old to be placed on the market.”

Youngsters nowadays are looking for modern homes. They think investing in looks after they just bought the place would be redundant. This is why they are aiming for homes that won`t need alteration anymore once purchased. They are even willing to pay some big extra bucks just not to be in the situation of having to make any modifications.

Key inside the door lock hanging with a nature background.
Hire a professional to ease a bit the stress load out of your shoulders.

Now that you`re all settled, you should take a read on some tips for a successful unpacking. You`re almost there, so don`t blow it now by inventing new things. And having in mind the 5 things real estate agents won’t tell you, try and stick to the plan you designed for yourself long-term. Remember that no one knows better what your needs are than your actual self.

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