5 things Europeans must know before moving to Canada

Welcome to Canada, a country of friendly people, numerous lakes, and hidden natural beauties. The former British colony called the Province of Canada, today is the second-largest country in the world. Although its immigration rate is among the highest on the globe, Canada’s population density is among the lowest. Ottawa is the capital city, and it has a population of about 1,324,000 people. On the other hand, cities such as Vancouver or Toronto, count more than four times bigger populations. This North American country is popular among people from all over the world. Most of the immigrants come from Asia, but Europeans coming to Canada to stay isn’t a rare case either. Now, if you are among them, this article will help you along the way. Here are the 5 things Europeans must know before moving to Canada.

1. Get ready to meet all four seasons

Even though the climate varies depending on where in Canada you settle in, this is definitely the country where you can meet all four seasons. The weather during the summertime is hot. In some provinces, the temperature can sometimes go up to 30°C. When it comes to falls and springs they are mild and the weather is mostly pleasant. However, what surprises all the newcomers the most is the Canadian winter. It sometimes lasts for 6 months, and it can be very harsh. Usually, there’s a lot of snow and, in some regions, temperatures go below -30°C.

The greatest problem almost every Canadian newcomer meets, apart from the great amount of snow everywhere, is how to prepare for the upcoming winter season. If you are a former European citizen, it may seem to you that no clothes you took with you are warm enough for going out during the winter season. Thus, play it smart- buy your outerwear nowhere else but in Canada. Who can know what you really need better than the locals themselves?

There is a lake, and some mountains behind it. People who come to Canada are enchanted by the beautiful natural scenery- that is one of the things Europeans must know before moving to Canada.
Enjoy nature.

2. The choice of location is crucial- one of 5 things Europeans must know before moving to Canada

Well, there is no more important decision when it comes to the point of a relocation than the one about where to move to. Once when you cross the borders of the country, any part of Canada is reachable, and you can settle down wherever you want. Thanks to the excellent moving services in Canada, cross-country moves are easy, safe, and stress-free. The only thing you need to think about is what city will suit your professional and personal needs.

Every Canadian city offers different kinds of business opportunities. Thus, for example, the city of Alberta is perfect for hard workers willing to try their skills in the oil and gas industry. On the other hand, private businesses would flourish better on the ground of Vancouver or Toronto.

Then, there come the questions of living costs, real estate prices, and of course how good a place is for raising children. But, no need to worry. Canada has so many options you can choose from, that you won’t be disappointed.

3. Diversity, diversity, and… Have I mentioned diversity?

Canada is one of the favorite relocation destinations. Immigrations are natural there, and people seem to start feeling at home there pretty easily. That may be because, no matter where you are coming from, you’ll most probably find someone from your country already living there.

In Canada, there are over two hundred different nationalities and almost as many different ethnicities. So, if you want to live there, you’ll need to deal with diversity. And that is definitely something Europeans must know before moving to Canada. However, the best thing here is that Canadians are so much used to the influx of newcomers that you can’t feel out of the world no matter where in Canada you move to. On the contrary, what you will definitely come across in this multicultural country is the wide-open arms and friendly welcome.

There are some buildings, a swimming pool, and many people all around it.
Catch the opportunities in Canada’s biggest city.

4. The question of the driving license

If you are moving to Canada, and you want to take your car with you, there should be no problems at all. What’s more, even if you decide to move from one Canadian city to another, be sure your vehicle can come along with you wherever you go.

However, there is something every European must know before moving to Canada- if you are a foreign driver’s license owner, you can’t just come to Canada and use it freely. What you will actually need is the so-called International Driving Permit in the European country you are coming from. What’s more, it’s not a rare case that the driving tests in the two countries defer a lot, and because of that, you may need to deal with some additional paperwork.

5. The process of immigration

Paperwork is always the most daunting part of every important undertaking. And, when it comes to the relocation process taking care of having all the important documents is essential. You can’t even move from one place to another within a single country without signing a bunch of paperwork. Not to mention the same process on the Europe-Canada relation.

However, there are some situations when immigration policies are not that huge problem. One such situation is when you’re moving to Canada to work. So, if you are a young professional in Canada, and you’re eager to find a good job, your dream may easily come true. But, if you are about to relocate your whole business to Canada, well, it’s not impossible, but it might be a bit more complicated.

There is a close-up picture of a person signing a document.
Get ready to deal with a lot of paperwork.

On the other hand, the very process of getting a visa may take a long time as well. That’s why the best thing you can do is to start working on getting the approval as soon as you realize you want to move. And that’s definitely crucial of the 5 things Europeans must know before moving to Canada.

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