3 tips for moving from Alabama to Europe

Moving from Alabama to Europe can be easy. You will need to find a helping hand and do some research. Of course, you will need to find some useful tips as well. We are here to show you three tips that can help you with your relocation and this is what we have: hire professional movers, get familiar with your new country and start learning a language.

Learning a language

Let’s start with the hardest one. Europeans are actually very good at English. No matter which language they speak, they teach their kids English at an early age. So, chances are you will do just fine even if you don’t learn their language. But, and this is a big but – you should learn at least basics. To show them that you are trying to fit in. Most European languages like Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Serbian, French, Norwegian, and others are pretty hard to learn. That’s why you should start as soon as possible – doing anything last minute will get you nowhere. That will make your fitting in much easier.

learning a language online before moving from Alabama to Europe as a part of preparation
Take some online classes.

Hiring professional movers

Since you have a pretty serious relocation to Europe ahead of you (after all you are moving to a whole different continent) you should engage professionals to help you. Hiring professional movers can make your upcoming move much easier. Movers can do a lot for you, they are not just the ones who are dealing with transportation.

What can movers do?

They can be an extra pair of hands to help you with packing. Movers can do a lot more, they can be the ones that will do all the planning and logistics, they can also deal with customs. Pretty much everything you need that is regarding moving from Alabama to Europe – they can do. That is why we always recommend them.

A girl packing for a move and smiling
Movers can make packing easy for you.

Getting familiar with your new country

This is something you need to do as soon as possible. You simply can not go to a different continent without having any clue where you are going. Don’t use movies as a reference. Those are rarely accurate and they tend to be stereotypical. Bosnians are always bad guys, French are hedonists and don’t want to work, Italians only think about food… That’s simply not true. Start researching the city you are moving to, learn all about the culture and their way of life. That way it will be easy for you to fit in.

Some additional advice on moving from Alabama to Europe

  • research weather so you know what to bring
  • be open minded about food – no we are not talking about Italy, chances are you are already familiar with their food but if you are moving to Norway for example their food is a tad different but you might be pleseantly surprised if you give it a chance
  • learn about their religion and hollidays

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