3 Major Customs Changes for International Moving

Major customs changes for international moving happened after 9/11 and terrorist attacks. People have changed their safety programs on airports because of that. So, we have to accept those changes and behave in the way of it. It is essential for our safety, too. Before you prepare for the post-move paperwork, you need to prepare for the customs, too.

What are the major customs changes for international moving?

Those changes are mostly in three ways.

  • You should accept different documentation when travel internationally – it is much bigger now and includes many more papers for traveling.
  • Control at the airports are much more severe now so we must prepare for it – among the significant customs changes for international moving is taking off the shoes;
  • There are a lot of new control services at the airports because of those changes – you should ask for information and tips when moving from your company.

People who often travel mostly know the law and adapt to new rules quickly. However, if you have not visited recently, you may feel surprised by new regulations on boards. For those reasons, check essential changes that happened in the past few years.

It is important to learn how to pass board

Significant custom changes for international moving if you are US citizen

US citizens usually do not have many troubles with moving all over the world. Their passport passes through customs clearance quickly. However, there are a few things that you need to know if you want to move internationally.

Shipping household goods

It is undoubtedly less complicated for US citizens to ship household items across the board. US law is simple. If you have used products for a year, you do not need to pay tax. However, you should leave it on the customs clearance to fill the documentation for it. You could ask the moving company for moving-related questions and concerns.

Documents for international moving

It is for sure that you must prepare serious documentation when moving internationally. Although it includes a lot of papers, do not worry. New services and agencies have made this job more manageable. It is better to hire a moving company to help you in international moving for those reasons.

Documenation that is one of major custom changes for international moving
Among major changes is different documentation

Documentation for commercial import goods

When moving across the board is about, you should fill the form for every new item you want to take with you. It is the legislation for every board in the world. However, this time they have changed it an even made it more dangerous. You need to fill the form for literally every type of good you want to bring with you. Every variety of products demands a new style, so the best is to hire a moving company to resolve it.

Airports have very strong procedure for passing board

Learn how to fill documents

As the law has changed, the form of the materials has changed, too. Everybody should learn how to load an additional text, so make things easier. It is tough to learn it, especially if you do not travel often. It is also different for commercial and non-commercial traveling. For those reasons, you should visit US customs and borders site and check all the critical information. If you are still not sure which are major customs changes for international moving, hire moving company.

Safe travels!

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