3 facts about Silver Spring, MD and why expats love this place

Deciding where to live as an expatriate in America can be overwhelming because there are too many suitable cities. When most people think about moving to America, they think about New York City or Los Angeles. But we at Europe movers advise you to choose Silver Spring. We have 3 facts about Silver Spring, MD and why expats love this place. 

General information about Silver Spring 

Silver Spring is a city in Montgomery County with about 80,000 people, according to the 2022 US Census. The median household income in Silver Spring is around 81,000 dollars which is above the national average. The cost of living in Silver Springe is high. Compared to the average cost of living in Maryland, Silver Spring is 19% more expensive because of the costly real estate market. So get ready to earn more and spend more when you come to Silver Spring but try not to move to the US on short notice

The first of 3 facts about Silver Spring, MD is the location 

The number one reason why expats love Silver Spring is the location. Because of the position, the real estate is expensive, and the citizens earn more than the average American. 

About 6 miles separate you from the center of Silver Spring to Washington DC. Because of the proximity to DC, many people commute and work there, and this raises the quality of life in Silver Springs. And the cost of living in Washington DC is higher than in Silver Spring so people decide to commute. The affordable cost of living and the opportunities of Washington DC bring expats to Silver Spring. If you want to be one of them, find moving experts to get you to Silver Spring. A great option is Excalibur Moving and Storage, but you can also do your research and find what best suits your needs.

Washington Monument
One of the 3 facts about Silver Spring, MD is that expats love it because it is close to Washington DC.

Downtown Silver Spring 

The second Silver Spring fact is that foreigners love Downtown. Downtown Silver Spring is the center of the city, it’s the place where everything happens. There you can find over 100 restaurants where you can eat the foods of your homeland. And if you want some entertainment, visit AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center or The Fillmore Silver Spring. In addition, if you live there, you can reach DC in no time.

The final of Silver Spring facts is about diversity 

The final reason why expats love Silver Spring is because of its diversity. According to the 2019 US Census, 36% of the Silver Spring population is foreign-born. So when you come to Silver Spring, you know you will be accepted. If you want to move there, turn to experts in the area as local Silver Spring movers will help you. They will pack you up and move you in fast because they know the area. 

people taking group photo
Foreigners love Silver Springe because it is diverse and it accepts newcomers.


We hope that these 3 facts about Silver Spring, MD and why expats love this place make you move there. A piece of advice, though. When you start your move avoid the risk of a last-minute move because it can make you stressed.

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