Top tips for moving with a toddler

Moving to a new home is a very exciting time, but it can still be a challenge for anyone. If you are moving with a toddler, that is a challenge of its own kind. You’ll have to plan in advance and stay organized. However, the most important thing is to prepare your little one for the big change.

Talk to your kids about moving

It’s important to let them know that the move is happening. Your toddler may not be old enough to fully understand what it means to move to a new home. Because of that, make sure to prepare your child ahead of time, as this will only make moving with a toddler easier. Waiting until the last moment will only make them more confused. If you wait too long, it will be harder for them to accept the change.

Firstly, you can explain that everything will be the same in the new home. Assure them that you will all be there as a family. Secondly, make sure to let your toddler know that they are not leaving their toys and their bed behind. Additionally, try to include your toddler in the moving process. This will make them will feel helpful and calm their nerves. Also, it will make moving more enjoyable for everyone. Let them choose a special toy to take with them and not pack with the rest. Offer them to choose their outfit for the moving day.

A child surrounded by toys.
Let your toddler choose a special toy to make them feel included.

Packing your toddler’s things

When you’re packing your home, you need to have a good strategy. If you are moving with a toddler, make sure you do the same when it comes to packing your toddler’s things. The best solution is probably to pack your toddler’s things last. Avoid packing up their room until you really have to. They will have a familiar place to go to when the house they know starts to change. Furthermore, involve them in the process. Fill boxes with toys together, so that they feel included. Make sure to label the boxes properly, so you will know which ones are your child’s. In addition, put the boxes with your toddler’s things into the moving truck the last. They will be the first thing you open and unpack in the new house.

A toddler carrying a moving box.
Include your toddler in the packing process.

What to do on the day of the move when moving with a toddler

Since you will be very busy when the big day finally comes, consider hiring a babysitter. The noise and the chaos of the moving day is unfit for a toddler. The house on a moving day can be a dangerous place for a child. Especially when relocating special items such as pianos, as the babysitter will keep your kids out of harm’s way. Also, you will be calmer knowing that your child is safe. Just make sure that they get to the new home with enough time before bedtime. This will give them a chance to explore the house and make it easier for them to get to sleep.

A piano.
Relocating large items such as a piano can be dangerous for your toddler (unless you hire a good babysitter, of course).

Don’t worry if hiring a babysitter is not an option. There are other ways to make moving with a toddler go as smoothly as possible. Take the time to explain to them what is happening step by step. Tell them that those boxes are not going to disappear; they’ll just be transported to the new home. Also, you can ask your toddler to watch over a special toy. This is a good way to include them in the process.

Finally, once everything is packed and out of the house, walk your toddler from room to room to say goodbye. Answer any questions they might have and let them take their time. This will provide closure to both you and your child.

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