Tips for finding moving services in Europe

moving-services-europeMoving house and starting over in a totally new environment is an important task in your life that should be performed and concluded in a professional and systematic way. Unless you have moved several times and you have enough relevant experience, you may need additional help provided by licensed and reliable moving companies in Europe. No matter where your current residence is, you may find an adequate professional help for any kind of moving services you need. Whether you are planning to move from London to Berlin or just within your current city, both local and long-distance Europe movers are just one phone call away. With the right moving company, your European move can be easy and stress-free. Entrusting your belongings to the professionals will ensure your peace of mind and will allow you more time that you can dedicate to other important questions like arranging your new home, handling the paperwork, helping your children accept the idea of moving to another country/city/area,…

How to find a reputable moving company in Europe

Hiring professional movers is always the right thing to do if you don’t have enough time or don’t know how exactly to perform your big move without wasting your precious time, energy and money. Reputable movers will assess your needs and have a real understanding of your situation and a specific approach. Let their expertise lead you through the relocation process smoothly.
Once you have decided to hire a professional removal company, start researching them online as soon as possible.

There are a lot of quality moving companies in Europe that will be able to assist you with your household or business removal. Other than relocation itself, most moving companies offer additional services like baggage shipping, pet shipping, storage, packing and unpacking services,… Finding trustworthy movers is crucial for your household and business move in terms of safety of your personal belongings. Unfortunately there are a lot of moving scams and fraudulent companies that might want to take advantage of your situation and misuse your items. In order to avoid them make sure you do the research properly and learn how to spot red flags among the European movers.

Talk with your friends and relatives so as to get a recommendation or piece of advice on how to find a reliable moving company in Europe that is committed to delivering high-quality results in the moving industry.

The following tips may be considered as guidelines for finding a reputable moving company.

  • Get recommendations from friends and relatives. Talk with the people who have moved house recently. They will fill you in on some important aspects of the move.
  • Do a background check of the moving companies you are interested in. Check online reviews and other people’s experiences. The chosen company should be licensed and properly registered.
  • A simple phone call is not enough. Pay them a visit and check if they are running a real business.
  • Once you have narrowed down your list, contact the moving companies and ask for an in-home estimate. Beware of the moving companies that refuse to perform an on-site moving estimate. Before issuing an estimate, movers should assess your belongings and also include other important factors like distance, time when you are planning to move, additional services, oddly-shaped and delicate items that require special care, long carry, lack of elevator,…
  • Make sure you are given an estimate in writing. An accurate estimate can be given only after movers have assessed all of the items that need to be transported to your new residence.
  • Once you get several estimates, compare them and decide which one works best for you.

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