Shipping to Europe- Cut the cost of transporting stuff to The Old Continent

Moving to Europe’s great experience! Actually, if you ask any person that relocated to Europe if he/she is content with lifestyle, every single one shall claim to be delighted. Europe is considered the continent with the best quality of life. And that’s not something questionable, being that the newcomers almost never leave The Old Continent after they move there. But we’re not here to persuade you to move to Europe. We’re gonna help you with how to relocate there. Actually, we specialised this article in shipping to Europe. So you’ll find some suggestions on how to trim the costs when thinking of shipping your belongings to Europe. And it’s possible to get a low-cost price when transporting stuff overseas. Shipping to Europe doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.

Low-cost shipping to Europe- How to achieve it

As we said, we’re not here to talk about why you should move to Europe. The fact is that life here is the best worldwide. For many things. But we already wrote about that. For example in the text about why an American should move to Europe. Here we’re more interested in how to provide yourself with comfortable relocation to Europe. Or, to be more precise, how to deal with European removals not spending all of your savings. To achieve that, the biggest deal is how to trim costs of shipping your stuff to Europe, and here are some suggestions how you can do that:

  • With some effort you can reduce the cost of shipping to Europe
    Low-cost items shipping to Europe is achievable

    Get several offers- Prepare the information of how many boxes you’re about to ship to Europe, and how much they weigh, and call several carriers to get the estimated prices for your stuff shipping to Europe.

  • Let the shipping company do the packing- Besides they’ll probably do the job better, they’ll certainly reduce the amount of additional ‘dimensional extra’ fees you could pay.
  • Prepaid shipping saves your money- Doing this, your all items will be on the same ship, and you’ll get the best price because you’ll have your fixed costs reduced (not needing to pay the fixed prices for several boats)
  • Consider purchasing insurance by yourself- You’ll probably be able to get the better deal taking care of the insurance by yourself than the one your carrier offers.
  • Hybrid services are usually the cheapest option- The only question here is how fast you need your stuff to be shipped to Europe
  • Find out if there’s any discount- Almost all the time there is some shipping company offering discounts.

Multiple offers guarantee lower price

The same that stands for hiring a professional mover in Europe, stands for the shipping too. Getting several freight quotes makes it possible for you to compare the prices. And pick the most affordable one for your items shipping to Europe. Therefore, find the most reliable shipping services that carry stuff to Europe. After that call them to get the estimated prices for your shipment. And you’ll have the information which one is the most affordable!

Leave the packing to the carrier company

Let the carriers pack your stuff for Europe shipping
Leave the packing your stuff into containers for Europe to the shipping company

If you do the complete packing of your stuff, you could exceed the dimensions shipping company has set. But if you leave the packing to the shippers, then their workers shall make sure your items fit their dimensions. Therefore, although you’d need to pay for the services of packing for shipping, you’ll save the money you would need to pay for exceeding the dimensions of your packages for shipping to Europe. So be economical. The savings here are greater than the expense for the packing. It’s a simple math. And moving to another continent you’ll need to save as much money as you can. It’s an expensive venture.

Prepaid shipping is a smart investment

Having arranged a prepaid shipping means saving up to 20% of your cost for your items shipping to Europe. What does it mean? It means to pay for certain space on the boat that ships items to Europe. That way you’re securing enough space for all of your items on one boat. And the possibility of losing something reduces to a minimum. Although that’s a great option, you might need to wait for a while, because so much space on many ships is previously arranged for various companies. But if waiting isn’t that much of a problem, then shipping to Europe using this option makes the overseas transportation for your stuff much less costly.

Purchase the insurance for  your stuff over the third party

The companies shipping to Europe don’t care that much about the price for the insurance of your items. Therefore, you should take care of that. Get the price for the insurance of your stuff from several companies. Compare them to the price your carrier offers, and decide what’s the best solution. You could save some money this way too. Ask your carrier not to charge you for the shipping insurance, and get it from the third party. So you’re reducing risk this way too, by also reducing the cost. If you want to get a low-cost transportation to Europe, put an effort to it!

Use hybrid carrier services for your shipping to Europe

Use the hybrid shipping to Europe to reduce the cost of transporting your stuff to The Old Continent

Hybrid carriers take stuff directly from your home or better business (the most of the hybrid carriers work only with businesses), do the packing, put them in containers for Europe, transport the items overseas and take them directly to your home in Europe. Having all those services done by one party reduces your overall cost of the Europe shipping. What might be the potential problem is that the overall process might last longer than if you hired separated parties for each step of shipping to Europe. But in case you care when your items will arrive in your new Europe home, then you may start searching for those services earlier. Start the process of shipping before your Europe moving day, and make sure that you don’t wait long for your items after you finish the relocation to The Old Continent.

Ask for discounts

Just like the previous suggestion, it’s the best if you have the business or some of your acquaintances do, to ship your items using the connections of that company (being that there almost isn’t any shipping company that gives discounts to individuals) with some carrier. Because they might have the discounts in the contract, and you could use that discount to reduce the cost of your shipping to Europe. Every single percentage matters. One by one, and you have reduced the shipping price significantly!