Moving to Europe from the USA- Tips for newcomers

There are numerous reasons for moving to Europe from the USA. The older people move here after they retire. For better lifestyle, as they say. Younger populations come for free college. Middle aged people move for both, the job opportunities and quality of life. These three are only the major reasons, according to the research. But there are numerous motives we didn’t mention. Such as beautiful beaches, rich history, possibility to travel across the continent for a small amount of money etc. Whatever the reason might be, there are more or less same things important for all newcomers to The Old Continent. Hence, being that Movers Europe is made to take care of people moving to and within Europe, we’re writing the article with tips for moving to Europe from the USA. Read it and find out what you need to know before you head to Europe!

Preparation tips for people moving to Europe from the USA

Prepare well for moving to Europe from the USA
Get well prepared before moving to Europe from the USA

Searching for European removals, or in American language more preferred movers in Europe, you’d be surprised, isn’t the first thing to do! Neither it is the search for the best cities in Europe for relocation from the USA. How come? Well, you do actually without housing secured realize you’re moving to another continent? There are some more necessary things to do to be able to move to Europe from the states at all.

You know how difficult it is for people to move to the US. Well, the moving to Europe is as difficult. But there are many reasons to move to Europe. We already spoke why an American should move to Europe, so we won’t bother talking about it here. Instead, we shall discuss here what kinds of stuff you should do before you even start the preparations to physically move to Europe. Here are several areas which we suggest you consider before moving to Europe from the USA:

  • The documents you need- First, take care of the paperwork. Check all the documents you (and your pet) need to cross the European borders.
  • Finding a job- After moving to Europe from the USA, you’ll need money, hence have a job secured!
  • Searching for suitable housing- Moving to The Old Continent isn’t that a smart move.
  • Taking care of financial aspect- Find out how much you need to make European living, and compare it to what you actually have.
  • Relocation- After you fulfilled everything from above, you can finally prepare for moving to Europe from the USA!

The documents an American needs for moving to Europe

Get the paperwork done before you start preparations for migration to Europe from the US
Prepare the paperwork for Europe country where you’re moving from the states

Talking about paperwork, you must remember that Europe isn’t a country. It is a continent. Consisting of independent countries. It’s true that the immigration politics is the same, or mostly the same, for all the EU members. But EU is just one part of Europe. Therefore, before you move to Europe, visit an embassy of the country you consider moving to, and get the exact information about immigration. Globally, for Schengen area, the rules are that an American can spend 90 days in Europe without problems. For a longer period, Americans need visas. To get that is a long and exhausting process. Be aware of that.

For your pets, if you have them, there are special conditions. We already wrote about moving to Europe with a pet. So we suggest you read the article 0on how to move to Europe with a pet.

How to get a job in Europe?

Well, to be honest, it’s not that easy. It’s almost as difficult as for a newcomer to get a job in the states. Because there are laws in Europe that they must employ someone from Europe before an ‘outsider’. Hence, you got a chance to get a job as an American in Europe only if there are no European applicants for the position you’re applying for. Our suggestion is you better try to get a job in an American company having a branch in Europe. And after that try to make a transfer to the country in Europe where that American company has a branch.

Housing in Europe

There’s no such thing. I mean, of course, there is housing in Europe. But it differs from country to country, so there’s no actual European, but the housing from country to country. In terms that you don’t get the same conditions by default. For example, somewhere the standard for an apartment to rent is the empty space. In other countries, the fridge, cooker and the kitchen come standardly with the apartment.

Get well informed about that subject. Also, we advise you to secure the housing before you move to Europe. At least as a short-term solution. It will be a difficult relocation, and you won’t be too happy if you would have to look for a place to stay as soon as you land in Europe. Securing housing before moving to Europe from the USA is the right thing to do.

Finances, the matter important for every destination, hence for Europe too

You'll need to pay the USA tax even after you relocate from the US to The Old Continent
It doesn’t matter if you move from the USA to The Old Continent, you’d still have to pay the USA tax!

Money issue- Collect the information about the cost living in a country you’re moving to. If you’re eager to switch the USA for Western Europe, or even more for Nordic countries, prepare for an expensive life. Not a lot more expensive than back in the states, though. Still, it will be difficult to get used to paying a lot more for, say, gasoline. Yet, there are some things cheaper than in the US. A good education is available for free. And the internet is cheaper.

On the contrary, if you’re gonna move to Eastern Europe, or to ex-Soviet countries, you can rest assured you’ll get to live at many times lower costs than back in the states. That’s why we suggested you visit the internet portals to find out the details about the country you’re intending to relocate to.

Tax issue- Remember that an American needs to pay tax back home, no matter if he/she is living in Europe. Calculate those expenses in your yearly expense. The important thing to mention is that you must pay the tax even if you decide to forfeit your American citizenship if you own i.e. some real estate in the states. Have that in mind before you decide to relocate to Europe from the United States.

Actual moving to Europe from the USA

To conduct the relocation to Europe, we suggest you hire European removals by all means. Each moving is stressful and demanding. Especially when you’re moving to another country. Shall we talk about how difficult it is to move to another continent? Hence, after you fulfilled all the obligations from above, you can start preparations for the packing and for movers in Europe. If you want everything to be conducted without troubles, hire a good and reliable professional mover in Europe!

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