Moving to a foreign country on a budget – tips and tricks

Moving to a foreign country on a budget takes a lot of planning. Do not think it is that difficult, everything is about preparation and will. Besides, thinking that it is difficult will not help you at all. If you decided to move to a new country, that is already a great start. Remember, the most import step is the first one, not the final one. So, if you are a student moving from the USA to Norway, you have to take a pen and paper. You have to know a lot in advance and prevent all the possible problems. Especially legal problems. The same goes for any type of moving, better job opportunity or big family move. for any other country. Prepare visa, health insurance, pets medical records or think about furniture packing, just keep reading.

Moving to a foreign country on a budget-Bucket list part

Get that pen and paper ready, your moving to a foreign country on a budget will need it. This type of action requires a plan. The plan will vary based on a type of move that you will like to have. Does moving to a foreign country on a budget include only you or someone else as well? The priorities will change then. Also, the reason for the move, if you need to take one suitcase just for the books or work paper, write it down. Be clear on why you are moving in the first place. That will ease the creation of the bucket list. Your goals will be clearer and the bucket list will be full in no time. Once you know what type of moving you need, you can calculate your moving expenses in advance. By doing this, you will be emotionally prepared as well.

Moving to a foreign country on a budget - make a bucket list.
Moving to a foreign country on a budget is important, but having some fun along the way matters the most!

Useful tips will come in handy

International moving tips will come handy for your moving to a foreign country on a budget. Make columns for expenses. Decide if you want to ship your belongings or use the air freight. If you think you are capable, you can take the car also or rent a van. Pay attention to the money that you will be spending on gas. Choose the right time for your move. Do not do it on the weekends since everyone will do and that will cost you more. Moving during the week seems like a good idea. The same goes for the month, not at the beginning of the month nor at the end. Calculate the prices, contact movers to see what is the best offer and if you can have some discounts. Decide what you will move, only essentials or furniture and favorite painting. Ask yourself if that is really necessary.

Documents part

Yes, the documents part is essential for moving to a foreign country on a budget. You maybe know the best reasons for relocating to Greece but what are the papers you need? Moving to a foreign country can mean a lot of pleasure and new beginnings. Yet, you have to be prepared for a different system where the rules are different. First, you most likely will require a visa. Make another column for legal expenses. You will have to apply for the visa and that means money. Do not get surprised by this sudden expense, just plan everything in advance. If you are going to an exotic country, maybe the vaccines will be necessary as well. Inform yourself in the embassy of that country, see what you need to take and be ready. Maybe you will be advised to do something that you did not even know you should.

Is your visa ready?


You have to have a valid passport for moving to a foreign country on a budget. The requirements are different for each country. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a valid passport just for the period of stay. On the other hand, there are some countries that require 6 months validity of the passport. Since you are already in the embassy check what papers you need for your work. Whether you are a student or moving for a better job, check the required documents. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to have it, so do not wait for the last minute. If you are moving with a pet, inform yourself more about requirements. The business permit can be different than the one you have, maybe you have to take a new one. That comes along with an international bank account. If you are freelance millennial moving to Lisbon, consult your bank.

Additional tips for moving to a foreign country on a budget

If you want to move your piano with you maybe it is better to consult professionals like Moving Buddies Tucson AZ. It is better not to risk having valuable belongings broken. Hire professionals who’ve done this and relax. You have paper expenses checked, you did the research about the moving prices and options, what now? You already know what are the bare necessities for moving to a foreign country. The spreadsheets are done, electronics, new bank account, new local number, health insurance, think about going there before. Explore the country where you are going, see what the city’s atmosphere. Check the prices in the market, the price of a beer in a pub. Of course, you have to already know where you will live. Check the neighborhood where you want to rent an apartment, see if the post office is near.

You might need some professional assistance for your move.


Yes, the proximity is crucial when moving to a foreign country on a budget. You want to have the post office close by, as well as the bank, metro station etc. Do not pay for a cab if you do not know how to get somewhere. Before moving, download the traffic system plan, the metro lines, or the specific transportation plan in that city. Tests it a few times and think about the language. Moving to a different country can mean that you have to speak the language. You have to know to order a meal or buy something at the market. Practice the language before moving. Remember that you can also teach English or the language(s) that you speak. That is money wise once speaking about moving to a foreign country on a budget. In the end, find out where expats live the happiest lives. Make a decision.

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