Moving musical instruments across the country – what’s to know?

Moving your household belongings to your new home can be complicated. However, moving musical instruments from your home is a different story. Musical instruments are fragile and complex to move. Moreover, they can easily damage in transport. Here are few tips from professionals about packing and moving musical instruments across the country.

Find a reliable moving company

The best way to transport your musical instruments, studio equipment, and your bends gear is to find a quality moving company. Companies specialized in commercial moves are the perfect choice for transporting fragile items that require special attention. Quality movers will help you protect your valuable musical instruments to the best possible standards. This way you will avoid damage of any kind when moving musical instruments. Reliable moving specialists will also offer the best insurance policy for your relocation. This is very important when they transport your musical instruments.

bubble wrapping paper
Quality movers will help you protect your valuable musical instruments for the move.

How to pack musical instruments for moving across the country?

Moving musical instruments is a delicate job. Using most of the original packing boxes when transporting your musical instruments is a good idea. Also, try to use the original casings when moving a music studio. When you need to move your band gear make sure you invest in hard cases for most of your instruments. Consider buying traveling cases for your guitars and keyboards.

If you have guitar amps and other musical equipment you should protect them for transport. You can use some of the professional packing supplies to cover and wrap the instruments. When moving your band’s gear, consider using some blankets to protect your delicate monitors and amps. On the other hand, you should use standard bags for storing microphone stands and drum set stands. To protect these items from bumping to each other while in transport, you can wrap them in plastic bubble wrapping paper. This way they shouldn’t damage on a moving day.

 Moving your piano

When you have to pack and move your big concert piano, consider hiring professional moving assistance. A good moving company like Moving Kings NC can be a great choice. Movers usually have the essential training and skill to disassemble and protect your valuable instrument. Moving musical instruments across the country is a big job. It requires special moving equipment that movers have. Those could be dollies, moving straps, moving blankets and other packing materials. Quality movers usually offer the best insurance policies when moving musical instruments. In case your moving company doesn’t offer the full value insurance policy for your relocation, ask them for more details. Consider acquiring additional insurance policy from the third party insurance provider. This way you’ll make sure you get reimbursed even if the damage happens.

Piano requires special moving equipment that professional movers have.

Moving musical instruments – useful tips

  • Loosen the strings of the instrument a little when packing your string instrument. This way the temperature change won’t cause them to become too lose or break.
  • Add extra padding inside your instruments case to keep it stable and protected.
  • Take a woodwind instrument apart before you wrap each piece individually.
  • Pad the sides of your drum case to protect your instrument for transport.

We hope this moving tips we useful. Good luck with moving your musical instruments.

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