Pros and cons for moving to London

It’s the city of David Beckham, Harry Potter and Mary Poppins. The city where the Queen lives and where you can find the best cup of tea in the world. But is it a right place for you? Well, to help you decide, here are the top pros and cons for moving to London.

Pros and cons for moving to London
London has some of the most iconic sights


    1. Safety first Because of all the police and the CCTVs, London is one of the safest places in the world.
    2. Green is good The famous British grass is everpresent in a multitude of parks in the city. Be sure to visit Hyde Park, Green Park or Richmond Park. And if you want to take a field trip, the countryside is lush and green which makes it ideal for camping or outdoor sports.
    3. Sights to see – London has some of the most iconic and famous sights in the entire world. Apart from Big Ben, you can see the mighty Tower of London or the Buckingham Palace. Now some consider the architecture of these sights to be a bit bleak, but it does nothing to diminish their magnificence.
    4. Culture without a penny spent – By moving to London you will experience something rarely encountered in such famous cities. Namely, there are no entrance fees for all the important museums and art galleries. Yep, it’s true. You can see some of the first Viking swords ever made, as well as rocks from the Moon all completely free of charge.
    5. Theatre – In London you will find a play to everyones liking. It’s the city of Shakespear after all, and a lot of pride is put in theatre plays. You will find very popular British actors doing plays when they are not filming for Hollywood.
    6. General politeness of everyone – It’s not just a stereotype. The British are very polite, and it is no differents for residetns of London. If you step on someone’s toes or accidentally bump into someone do not be surprised when they apologize to you. That’s how nice they are.

      London subway
      If you decide on moving to London, getting around the city will be easy
    7. Public transport – The only public transport that can rival the Japanese train in its punctuality is the London Underground (also known as the Tube). Known by its characteristic logo and color coding, the Tube is the best way to get around in London. As long as you mind the gap, of course.
    8. Excellent education – If you are moving to London with your family don’t worry about education for your young ones. London has some of the best  schools (both private and public) in the world. Not no mention the world famous universities all over the UK.
    9. Diversity – Before New York, London was knows as The City – a multicultural environment open to all. The positive consequences of this are present to this day, making London a place very welcoming and tolerant to diversity. You can taste cuisines from all over the world as well as interesting bazzars and markets.
    10. Pubs – Well, of course. The pub culture basically started here, which means a lot of intersting places to have a drink. And if you are into beers, than you might seriously consider moving to London, because this city offers not only a large variety of commercial ales, but also a lot beers crafted by smaller breweries or local pub owners.
    11. NHS – Last, but not least – healthcare. The National Health Service is a publicly funded healthcare system which provides everyone with the same free care no matter their income. So, you might consider this when deciding whether you’re moving to London.


Well, even though you may have gotten that impression, not everything is perfect and peachy. As all places in the world moving to London also has some downsides to it.

    1. The Weather – Be ready to experience a lot of weather changes. Sometimes you will see snow, rain and sunshine alternate in mere hours. If you are not in the habbit of carrying an umbrella everywhere you go, no matter what season, you might want to reconsider moving to London. It’s not all bad though, you can always start a conversation with anyone, anywhere by talking about the weather.
    2. Drunks and disorderly – There are downsides to being the country that started the pub culture. These usually manifest on Fridays and Saturdays in and around all the pubs. You might witness people passed out on the sidewalk or  lounging in the streets with the beer glasses from the nearby pub.
    3. General expenses – Let’s be strainghtforward – London is not a cheap place to live in. Apart from the exorbitant housing expenses you will soon realize that all the commodities that you are used to are a bit more expensive in London. However, with a little effort, this can be remedied. The is always a cheaper supermarket somewhere and you can find better prices if you search a little.
    4. Costs of moving – If you are moving to London from the States you will find that the cost of transporting your items is huge. So you might want to consider some ways to cut your shipping costs.

      One of the rare acceptable British specialties
    5. Local cuisine – Unfortunately, the local cuisine is rather bland. That is one of the reasons why such a multitude of other cuisines are flourishing in London. The food is usually overcooked or underseasoned. So, do not eat in pubs unless you already know the food to be good, or unless you want to try some of the local specialties like the Shepherd’s Pie.
    6. Queuing – For the cash machines on the weekends, for tourist attractions, clubs. Basically, queuing for everything.
    7. Lack of sunshine – It’s one of the biggest problems for most people, and sometimes even a dealbreaker. Not enough sunshine in London makes the city look more bleak than it actually is and can even result in vitamin D deficiency for it’s residents. However, if you feel you are not getting enough sunshine you can always take a field trip outside city limits to a more rural area, have a nice picnic and soak up some sunshine.

Hopefully, these will help you decide about moving to London. Keep in mind that some pros might prove to be cons or vice versa depending on personal preferences. Cheers!

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