Moving Hacks

When it comes to moving, it seems that you always wish you have done something differently. Like planing more, or simply coming up with an easier way to operate the moving process. But, luckily you’re covered! These moving hacks are your complete guide to staying ahead of moving miseries. Try some of them and discover creative ways to improve your move.

Moving hacks before the move

So, how to prepare for moving? Well, these moving hacks will help you start on the right foot. The organization and planning are the most important things before moving. Here’s what you need to do before the move:

  • Clean the bathroom and kitchen in your new place. Do this before you move in and you’ll save some time when it comes to unpacking.
  • Make some groups. Make a donate pile with all the clothes and items that you don’t want to move with you.
  • Plan your meals during the 2-3 weeks leading up to your move. Prepare frozen food, perishable items, or half open containers that you have around the kitchen.
  • As you know you’re moving you should contact the utility companies. Because canceling your utilities at your old home and setting them up at the new one takes a couple of phone calls. Many people get super busy with moving and forget this all-important task.
Checklist and marker.
Write down moving hacks to make sure you don’t forget something.

Hire professional movers

You need someone to take care of your relocation. A mover that is reliable and reputable, someone you know you can trust. If you’re planning on hiring professional movers you need to know where to start. You have to know what kind of relocation you’re dealing with and which moving service do you need. Get different moving assistance options to choose from. And ask for moving quotes from at least three companies, just to be sure you get the best price. Also, you can use the moving cost calculator for moving estimates.

Packing hacks

Here are some important moving hacks when it comes to packing:

  • Ask some local retailers and businesses for their boxes.
  • Put your hanging clothes inside a trash bag to make unpacking more simple.
  • Try using trash bins, laundry baskets, and suitcases as boxes.
  • Protect your dishes and fragile items with clothes.
  • Place glasses inside clean socks for extra padding.
  • Keep all screws and hardware from disassembled furniture in a plastic bag. Label it and tape it to the furniture itself.
  • Learn how to label your boxes properly or use colored packing tape to keep your boxes organized.
  • Make an inventory list.
Labeled moving boxes - labeling boxes is one of the very important moving hacks.
Label boxes to identify what needs to go where super quickly.

Moving day hacks

  • Buy some easy breakfast items to have food available the morning after moving day.
  • When moving with kids, try to include them in the moving process.
  • Have available snack bin during moving and unpacking.
  • When moving with pets, put their food and water bowl in the same room as where you put it in the old place.
  • Have your moving day essentials in an overnight bag.
  • Keep valuables with yourself during the moving day.
  • The items that you’ll need most immediately pack in a clear plastic bin.
  • Don’t forget to breathe!

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