Moving from Europe to Florida: What you should know

Alea iacta est! You are relocating to Florida! The years of dissatisfaction are nearing to an end. You simply realized that you need a change. Researching the web pointed that the heat of the Sunshine state is what you actually need. So you are preparing for the move. We must say before everything- moving from Europe to Florida isn’t that easy step. Not in terms of choosing the place where you should stay. Or whether or not should you be moving to the place where there is almost all year made of summer. I’m talking about all those details (and there are a lot of them) you must prepare for before you even consider the packing. Because, after all, it’s not a picknick. It’s entering the whole new chapter in your life. 

You should discuss moving from Europe to Florida with those who made the same relocation. And with the moving experts. And we are here to provide you with some pieces of mind what’s to consider before migrating from the Old Continent to the former Everglade State. Sit back and let’s get to those small important things you should take into consideration before hiring moving pros to help you relocate your European home to the South of the USA!

It is high demanding job to move from Europe to the US, learn how to do it properly
Moving from Europe to the US is a demanding venture, learn how to do it properly

How to properly conduct the Europe-USA move

There are quite a few things to consider when it comes to the relocation to this far distance. Crossing an ocean for a new life is never an easy decision. We suppose you probably thought of everything before you made it. Only, it never hurts to hear someone other’s opinion. This is why we suggest you read the following rows and think about:

  • What should you be prepared for when making an intercontinental relocation?– The discussion brings only the good things. You could remember something important for you and take it into consideration.
  • How to prepare for the moving day?– What to take care of before the Florida moving day comes.
  • Which moving professional should you hire to conduct your relocation from Europe to Florida?– How to hire Florida moving experts and what to be careful about when choosing movers in Miami. Our suggestion is to hire Orange Movers Miami. We shall explain why.

What to consider prior to the decision about moving from Europe to Florida

  • Have you got the new job arranged?

    Be aware that Florida is an expensive state for life. Probably more expensive than your current residence in Europe. Make sure you secure the new job even before you migrate to the States.

  • Are you prepared for a cultural shock after moving from Europe to Florida?

    It’s true that the differences in lifestyle aren’t that big between Europe and Florida. On the other hand, you could be experiencing troubles to adjust to new life in Sunshine State after relocation from the Old Continent. So many details that you could find difficult to overcome. Make sure you read about it before your final decision.

  • Do you know all about the taxes?

    Before making Europe-Florida move, take all the costs into consideration
    Take all the costs into consideration before making Europe-Florida move

    You should have the complete information, and compare this matter to the taxation politics in your country. You could find the taxes to be too much to give up.

  • What are the costs of living?

    Yes, you’ll probably earn more money if you migrate from Europe to Florida. But the only right way to compare salaries is to include the expenses. If your costs of life are larger than in your current country in an amount that exceeds the raise in your salary, would you be living better or worse than now? Don’t jump into the unknown. Make a smart move! And choose the city in the USA to move to, based on what you expect from your new life.

  • Did you think about the health insurance?

    How many things are there for free, and how much would you need to pay for those non-free services? Are you actually able to get the insurance immediately after the relocation to Florida from Europe?

  • If having kids, what are the chances to sign them into a good school in Florida?

    The children’s education is a very important matter for every parent. Don’t forget to check on this before you make your mind.

  • Can you obtain the proper visa for relocation from Europe to Florida?

    We suppose you already thought of this, but do check if you are able to start a decent life with the visa you are able to obtain. Especially check if the visa you think of getting guarantees you the possibility to work. Pretty important matter, right?

The preparation for Europe-Florida relocation

Don't start just yet, first fully prepare to move to Florida from Europe
Don’t start until you fully prepare to move to Florida from Europe

The first step is making the decision and making sure you are able to relocate to Florida properly. After this, you should start preparations for the moving day. It means taking care of everything connecting you with the current place of living. Cancel all the services you are using, Get the medical records. If using some medications, talk to your doctor what should you be using after you relocate to Florida from your country in Old Continent. Notify all the institutions that you are moving. Change your address.

What’s the plan for your car? If you are taking it with you when moving to the US, you should find out all about the process of registration. And about the driver’s license. Talk to your boss. Your company might have a subsidiary somewhere in Florida. So you could easily find the new job. Think about other important things particularly important for you. And, don’t forget to say a proper goodbye to your friends and family! You won’t be able to see them for a while after moving from Europe to Florida.

Picking the proper moving company in Florida

Why do I say Florida movers? Well, when we were advising you about moving to Europe, we were talking about Europe Movers. And when moving to Florida, you should pick the experienced Florida moving company. They know the territory, they have the experience and they have the logistics to handle your relocation from a European country to Florida. I suppose you get the picture now. And when searching for moving pros in Sunshine State, get affordable movers in Miami Fl, hire Orange Movers Miami!

We recommend them because they have everything you might need for intercontinental relocation. Their personnel is highly professional and polite. Offering top quality moving services at an affordable price. So never mind that you are moving from Europe to Florida, you will still be able to make an affordable Europe-Florida relocation if you hire the professionals for your move taking care of your budget. Plus, they offer to conduct the whole relocation or to do some parts of it. Offering additional services for all the needs you might have. Hiring them, you would be picking the reliable, reputable and affordable Florida moving company, offering moving services of high quality, and helping you enter your new chapter in life with the smile on your face!