Moving to Europe with a pet- What you should know

As a pet owner, you probably wouldn’t like to give your beloved up because of moving to Europe? That’s what we thought. That’s why we suggest you read carefully this article. You need to be careful when moving to Europe with a pet. Not only for your pet sake. There are some requirements you need to fulfill. Being that EU is very strict when it comes to transporting animals of any sort on its territory. Especially when those animals come from another continent(And many Americans are moving to Europe with a pet). Hence, before you even consider taking your pet on that long trip, make sure you find out how to do that safely. Avoiding potential penalties if you didn’t do something. And also taking care that your pet is comfortable along the way. Moving to Europe with a pet isn’t easy. But it could be fun if you stay focused!

How you should conduct moving to Europe with a pet

Moving to Europe with a pet is easy, if you know how.
Moving to Europe with a pet? Learn how!

Prior to your reading of the actual tips, we have one recommendation we want to emphasize. Try to find European removals that transport pets. It would be so much easier and less traumatic if you left experts to do that. In case you can’t find them, and for measures you should take before the transportation, the actual tips are following:

  • Find the European pet relocating company- Professionals are the best choice when it comes to such a demanding transportation as intercontinental.
  • Have your pet trained for the trip- When moving to Europe with a pet, you don’t want that to be a traumatic experience for you or for your pet.
  • Select the right airline- Choose only the best for your beloved!
  • Check on the requirements- Find out what you need to do to prepare your dog to enter the EU, and prepare all the paperwork required.

Find professionals for pets’ relocation

As we previously said, it’s much easier to leave the transportation of your pet to the pros. It is much simpler, much less demanding for you and those are people trained for such things. Plus, it would be much more comfortable for your pet to move with a professional. Hence, when you decide that you’re moving to Europe with a pet, especially when moving from another continent, you start searching for international relocation for pets. Not too many moving companies have personnel trained for that. So the sooner you start, the more probability will you have that you’ll find a moving company transporting pets available for your moving day. Also, you’ll have greater chances to hire the best professional to move your pet. And if you like your pet, it would mean very much to you.

Train your pet before you move to Europe
Prepare your pet for moving to Europe

Prepare your pet for a long trip

In order not to frighten your pet on a moving day, you should start with the preparations as soon as possible. A month before would probably be enough, but if you have more time, start earlier. Put your pet in the crate or cage where he would be transported. And have him stay there for more and more time each day. Start with a couple of minutes ending with the period you suppose the transportation would last. Do that, and your pet will be grateful for not being scared during the transportation. Because if your pet gets scared, it will take the time to get over it once you’re settled in your new European home.

Choosing the airline for your pet

When trying to pick an airline to transport your dog to Europe, don’t choose the best route, or the fastest transportation. It doesn’t matter if your dog is transported an hour faster if the conditions under which it is transported are terrible. First, choose the airline based on the quality of care for animals. After you picked several offering the best conditions, you can choose by the time of transportation and the price. But first, let your pet travel safely and comfortable. Of course, if you’re hiring professionals to transport your pet to The Old Continent, then this wouldn’t be that important to you. Still, it’s good to know what comes first when choosing the airline for your pet. In case you’re not able to find professionals available!

Requirements for transporting the pet to Europe

Find out the EU requirements for pets
Check the EU requirements for pet import

When moving to Europe with a pet, you must fulfill some requirements. The import of pets falls under the jurisdiction of Commission Regulation number 998/2003. It was issued by European Parliament and Council. This stands for those of you moving to EU countries with the pet. Being that the most of the people coming to Europe from another continent come to EU, we will discuss what this regulation means, or what you need to do to import your pet to EU:

  • Your pet will be required to have a pet microchip. It needs 15 digits for EU. And it must comply with ISO 11784 if you don’t want to bring a scanner with you.
  • The full pet vaccination is a must:
    • For dogs: Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis, Rabies, and Leptospirosis (DHLPP)
    • For cats:  Calicivirus, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Rabies, and Panleukopenia (FVRCP)
    • All of them within last 12 months, or minimum 4 weeks before moving to Europe.
  • EU vet health certificate (EU 998)- this certificate should be filled by the accredited vet of yours. This certificate is valid for 4 months. Nevertheless, it is recommended to have it within the 10 days before the transportation. That way you’d avoid all potential customs issues.
  • The endorsement of the Government (if you’re moving to Europe from the USA, this endorsement is USDA)
  • The International Health Certificate- Your vet probably has it, but we still suggest you call and ask for it upfront. Have it prepared 10 days before a trip too.
  • You must have all the documentation traveling together with the pet. All we mentioned in the lines before you pack with the rest of items moving with your pet.


If you hire professionals to conduct the transportation of your pet to Europe, it would make it so much easier for you. Plus, you won’t be able to forget something essential, because the professionals would be there to do that for you, or to remind you to do something you should. Yet, being that you could be unable to find those pet moving services, now you have the information what to do when moving to Europe with a pet! In case you have any question, or you need more detailed explanation of something we mentioned here, feel free to contact us! Movers Europe are here for you!

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