Moving from Canada to Europe- Informative tips

Canada is among the top countries in the world for economic development. It’s a great country for quality of life. Life standard is very high across the Great White North. There are almost no people unable to find the job they like. But. It’s cold. In most of Canada. And it’s very cold during the large period of the year. That’s what bothers the inhabitants of Canuckistan. And that’s what makes them think about moving away. Another reason is loving to travel. For example, many Canadian citizens think of moving from Canada to Europe. And Europe is worldwide known for the traveling around it easily. Hereby, we’re offering you important information about such a venture. You can’t just pack your bags and move overseas. It takes much more to properly plan everything, before moving from Canada to Europe.

Making it easier for the future Canada expats:

What’s to know about moving from Canada to Europe

Learn everything you need to know as an expat to be before moving from Canada to Europe

When changing one continent for another, there are quite a few things you need to pay attention to. You need to take care of safe relocation, find out how to get a job, learn the difference in customs between you and the people of the country where you’re about to move etc. The first thing to mention is that, when moving from Canada to Europe, you’re gonna need to pick a country you’d like to live in. Being that Europe isn’t a country, but a continent. And people from European countries have strong feelings for their nations. After you choose a country from The Old Continent to move to from Canada, here’s what else you should know:

  • How to pick European removals Learn some basic rules for hiring professional movers in Europe to conduct your relocation from Canada to The Old Continent
  • Language issue- Get to know all about the languages in Europe you’d need to learn after migration from Great White North to Europe.
  • Cultural difference- Prepare for a cultural shock that will hit you immediately after you finish the moving from Canada to Europe.
  • Getting a job in Europe as a Canadian- Find out what you need to do to secure the job as a Canadian newcomer in Europe
  • Prepare for changing the currency- Different country, different currency! Switch Canadian dollars to Euros (in most of the European countries)

Choosing professionals for your move from Canada to The Old Continent

  1. Pick several moving companies in Europe having the experience in intercontinental relocations. This is the essential step. You could do it by asking your friends and family for recommendations. Especially if someone close to you moved recently from Canada to Europe. Otherwise, search for those kinds of packers and movers in Europe on the web.
  2. Ask all of the professional movers in Europe you picked about moving costs estimates. And make sure that all the costs are there. (including particularly the expenses of shipping your items to Europe from Canada). You don’t want the unpleasantness of having to pay more money than you planned. It takes a lot of money to move to Europe from Canada. Every extra expense might be too much. This inquiry also helps you to compare the prices for your move from several moving companies in Europe.
  3. Check on every company from your list. Make sure that every professional mover in Europe for your Canada to Old Continent move has a proper license. Also, secure you and your family from moving scams in Europe. Find the reviews about each company. It will help you know if someone had the bad experience moving with each removal service from Europe.

Languages in Europe

Basically you'll need to learn a new language for moving from Canada to Europe
Moving from Canada to Europe basically means learning new language, with some exceptions

There are plenty of different languages in Europe. The relation isn’t one country-one language, but it’s close enough. For example, former Yugoslavian countries speak several different languages. But those languages are actually different forms of the same language. Also, Germany and Austria are a good example of the same language spoken in different countries. Another example is the United Kingdom. But those are the exceptions that confirm the rule. And the rule is, no matter where you plan on to relocate to Europe from Canada, you’ll need to learn some language. The exceptions for newcomers from Great White North are France and Great Britain. Being that most of Canadians speak one or both of these languages.

Cultural differences

Unlike the language, which you could be able to use without learning, the culture is a completely different matter. It makes no difference if you move to a country in Europe of the same language you speak. The cultural difference is something you’ll have to get used to. That’s why you need to learn about the culture, the customs, the history and such stuff. Learn all of that before you start preparing for your European move. That’s what every inhabitant of every country in Europe cares about very much. Don’t let yourself get into a conflict because of not knowing the facts about the country or of the people from the country you’re moving to.

Working in Europe after moving from Canada

Working in another commonly requires some effort invested. Therefore, being that moving from Canada to Europe is moving to another continent, requires your full attention. Here’s what you need to know about getting a job in Europe as a Canadian expat:

  • Knowing the language is essential.
  • Labour laws are different in every single country in Europe. They are especially different between the EU and non-EU countries. Find out the particularities for European country you’re migrating to.
  • Find out what are the most wanted experts in Europe. And in the country, you’re relocating to See if your expertise is on that list.
  • Learn about special permits you might be required to have for working in Europe.
  • Discover even more things about the requirements for a Canadian moving to Europe in your embassy. You could also ask someone with the expertise in the area of moving from Canada to Europe.

    Prepare to think in ‘Euros’ after Canada-Europe migration

Switching the currency

I’m not talking here about the simple exchange of Canadian dollars for European Euros. I’m talking about switching your calculations, your thinking, and your financial planning, from Dollars to a new currency, Euro. Because there is a difference in the strength of these two values. They have different strength in different markets. Hence, before your migration from Canada to The Old Continent, have everything prepared in your head. Switch your thinking in ‘Canadian dollars’ to thinking in ‘European Euros’. So, after you successfully ended your relocation, you could continue with your normal life without any problem.

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